Saturday, April 05, 2008



We wish, we really wish we could go down over this bank. We keep coming over here and looking down.
Sigh..... we really would like to go down there exploring.
Mum sez we can't cuz the bajjers live down there and they haf got big furroshus teefs. Spose we better not go down there then, we don't want them to eat us right up.

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Aren't you good boys! Love those pictures of you posted on Friday too. SS is so bizzy these days that she doesn't have time to help me blog or visit, *sigh*.
My bucky badger lives there? Say hello please but don't get too close to its teeth.

Luf, Us
Yes, that would be very bad, so you two just look and nothing else!
Yes I bet dem badjers are eyeing you boys up as a tasty summer feed. You would make dem nice and fat.

Nice to see you out walking in the sunbeams.
Eric and Flynn, you boys better listen to your mom!
Oh! My OTW says the badgers would eat off your tails and faces!

But I sure would like to go down there and explore too. In fact, can I come over and take a walk with you in the fields? I miss walks. It's warmer here now, but the snow's not all gone and the grass is dead.

The two of you look wonderful on the grass! We are glad you aren't going to go down there because we wouldn't want the badgers to hurt you!
You look like twins ! the same pattern, very cute !
China Cat & I agree - listen to your mum and stay away from badgers! You both look so handsome on the green grass - ours isn't green yet...

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow
Yes, you two mind your Mom and don't go down there! Badgers are not nice and we don't want you getting hurt!
Lovely pictures of you with the grass so green! Have a nive Saturday!
Your FL furiends,
Yes - you better stay away from them!
We put the wrong URL into the linky box at CB - thank you for telling us, we put the correct URL in now....
Going over the bank would be very interesting, but it is not worth it I do not think. It is best when we are the creatures with the biggest furroshus teefs around!
That is definitely a "look but don't touch" kind of place! Bajjers are fierce and vishus!!
You are smart to avoid them bajjers.
When you're not supposed to do something, doesn't that just make it all the more enticing? But, stay safe!
i've never met a badger but i hear they are pretty mean. you best just listen to your mom and stay away from that area entirely!

What the heckis a bajjer? Oh I kinda wish I could see one on your bloggie, but not if it's going to put you in danger. So no, don't go down there.
We don't want you two to get eaten up! Better listen to mommy!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
OOo bajjers is bad! We'z in da "badger state" and mom knows dat dey is vishus, speshully if dey is protekting der home. Dey would eat yoo...please don't go down der!
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