Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Water Babies

We have both always liked water. I Flynn liked to paddle in the drinking bowl. I still like to paddle in puddles.
The washing machine has always fascinated me, Eric. I could sit and watch it for hours.
But most of all, I love playing with the hosepipe.
Who says cats and water don't mix?


cutie pies!

smiles, auntie bee
Oh my gosh - you guys were just such cute itty bitty babies!

The only time I bother with water is when Mum is in the bath and I try to get her toes. I always get my tail wet too.
I just realized this is your Tuesday post! It is 4:30pm Monday here right now : )
You guys have the best times ever!
I saw that you wanted to try out for CCSI III. Since the parts are limited and there are many that want to audition we can only have one per blog try out. Talk between yourselves and get back to me asap as to which one of you is going to try out. And no fighting about it please. See you soon.
Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yoo were such cute little water babies! And yoo still had such great pictures playing in da grass. When we think of you we picture beautiful ginger and green colors.
I love you sitting and watching the clothes washer!
WOW Eric and Flynn, I can't believe that yoo love water so much! I really really hate it very much! Yoo looks really cute playing with the water though!!! You guys look so cool playing in it, I ALMOST want to !
Kitties loving water! Wowser!
Oh you guys are such cutie pies as kittens. No, I don't think I would want to go near water!

Are you going to a kitty hotel or are you having a sitter to come and look after you when your beans are away cruising?

My SS is so envious of beans going on any holidays, let alone a cruise!
You really let that wet stuff TOUCH you? How brave! We are very impressed. We just drink the stuff!
Oh look at you two as little kitties. How manly cute you two handsome gingers were, playing with the water.

Does you still like water now?
Gosh, we will cross our fingers that one of you gets into the movie production. We had fun in the alst one. :)
::covers Billy's eyes:: - you two were furry cute!! We just doesn't want to give Bill any ideas on how to get even wetter than he normally is
These are really cute pictures! For Pumuckl also playing with water is fun, at least until he gets wet :)
How kyoot!!!

We has dun gone an tagged u fur a Meme. Stop on by & see.

Luf, Us
Flynn and Eric . . . you were both such cute little kittens!
Wowie! You two were some super cute ginger babies! And a second wowie to kittens loving water. We have a new outside friend who likes water. Come by and see her. :)

Sorry I haven't been visiting much the last week or so. My mom has been out of town and I need her thumbs to type and use the mouse.

Take care!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oh, such adorable little kitten photos! :) So sweet! :)

We like to play with water from the tap, but we don't like the water in our baths.
What cute babies you were! I mean you are still cute but you were all so tiny!
Hi boys...

You sure were cute and I'm astonished that you like water. I hate water (except to drink it). If my paw(s) gets wet then I shake it and shake it until I think it's dry. Then I give it a good wash.
I'm with you, Eric & Flynn - I love water, too! When my mom soaks in a hot bath, I like to get in and lie down on her and have her pour water over me. And I love to stand in my big water bowl!

What a cute pair of water babies!
Oh goodness you guys are the cutest water babies ever!
Oh my goodness! Those pictures of you two are sooooo adorable!!!
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