Friday, April 18, 2008


Valentine's Purrize.

When Monty Q had a compytishun to make Valentines cards furr our loved ones, I made one furr dad and one furr Rosie.
My card furr my dad won and Monty Q sent all this choklit furr my Beans. There are three diffrunt types of Hershey kisses. Mum said she had heard of them and always wondered what they wuz like. There'a pakkit of choklit wiv mint centres that can be used furr baking, and a box of GooGoos. They have peanut butter in them so mum sez we can taste the peanut butter, but we're not allowed to have the choklit. There's a card wiv a big man on it too. Mum sez he's a Sumo wrestler.
And Monty put in sumfing furr us too. There's a heart and a mousie, and I am giving the mousie a good sniff. He smells furry inchresting.
Fanks Monty, that's a great purrize furr me to give my Beans.
This wuz the card I made furr my dad.

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That sounds like a great prize!

I love the card you made for your Dad, it is just so darn sweet.
What a super prize, something for everyone! We've always liked your card - that's real love there :-)
What a fabulous prize package! :) We hope your humans enjoy the chocolate and that you enjoy the toys. :) That was a wonderful Valentine you made for your dad. :)
Great prize! That card is very touching Eric!
Awwwwwww..... We lust love the photo with you snuggled up beside your sleeping Dad! It's very, very sweet!
Oh, how sweet! Snuggling your daddy!!!
Nefur had Kisses?!? Whoa! I'm glad your beans liked 'em, they're the best for munchies. MomBean loves 'em, and they come in all kinds of flavors, like lemon, and mint, and more.

MomBean didn't think she could have the mint ones in the house wifout eating them-they'd never make it into a recipe...
What a great prize for a great guy!!!!!!! That was a really nice card too!!!! Moms & dads are the best!!!
Purrs Mickey
PeeEss: Are the chocolates gone yet? Hahahahahahahaha
Eric, that card is just soooo sweet! Even sweeter than the chocolates! Your Daddy is so very lucky to have you ...
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
oH I just love the card you made that was very touching and sweet.

Mmmm, Mom started drooling when she saw 3 BAGS of kisses!

Your card for your Dad is sweet.
What a great bunch of chocolates!!! Whoo hoo for chocolate! Oh, that was Maw, not us.

Luf, Us
That was a wonderful package from MontyQ!
I love the valentine to you dad very very much. Wonderful. You are a treasure Eric!
This package prise was very well deserved!!
Monty had a very fun contest and also very fun prizes, too!
wow what a wonderful prize! My human would devour that chocolate in an instant!

Incidentally, have you seen the news today? Smelt anything odd over your way? By odd, I mean...poo like....well, you'll have to watch the news but i think we both know who the culprit is!
Yum, chocolate. And Goo Goos! Those are very nice prizes you won for your beans and yourself. Your card for your Daddy was my most favorite one out of all.
Chocolate for the beans!!! My staff is impressed!!! I got my kitty tunnel from them just yesterday too!!!!! I will post about it tomorrow. Monty Q. is such a wonderful friend!
Congratulations on winning, Eric. You certainly deserved that prizes. Your card for your dad was very sweet.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
We read dis to mom and she sed "mmmm chocolate"...we'z neffur had chocolate so we don't know what she's talking about. We did like yoor card furry much tho, yoo can see da love yoo haf fur yoor dad.
The card you did is just awesome! You and your dad look gorgeous! And a great card deserves a great prize!
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