Thursday, April 24, 2008



There I was just lying on the patio table........ lazing around in the sun like you do.......
When suddenly I heard a noise.
Yes I can definitely hear something in the hedge.
It's going upwards.
It's nearly at the top. I wonder if I would get into trouble if I climb the hedge to investigate.
Ok I won't leave you all wondering what's happening. Mr and Mrs Blackbird have got a nest in there and mum says I have to leave it alone. I'll bide my time. You can't always be watching me mum.

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I haven't seen any birdies making nests just yet. But I know mum won't let me at them, ever.
Oh durn Eric!!! I thought you waz gonna climb up & gets da birdiez! (Justee waits until your momee iz not watchin' so closee, but den agin, I don't want to gets you in trubull!)
Eric, this is very exciting!! It is true that your mum can't always have an eye out, although Baby Birds are quite cute.
You has your very own blackbirds Eric? Are they good pets.

You should ask your daddy to move the table a bit closer.

Have a nice weekend dudes.
Exciting times are ahead. Will Mom be able to keep Eric from investigating the bird nest?
Dear Eric,

I am sure you will get the birdy if you really want.

Way to go!!
That's right, Eric. Mom's can't be watching you watch those Birdies all the time!

Mom tried making us wear our collars with bells on them to try the keep the Birdies out of Gandalf's mouth. It didn't work too well. So either Gandalf has amazing sleuthing & stalking skills or our Birdies are deaf.
Eric, my money is on you!
"Oh" that's too much temptation it would drive me crazy.
Awww, nesting birdies! You should definitely listen to your Mommy!
We have some birds nesting in our hedges too, Eric, and like you, I'm forbidden from "investigatin", but, like you, I can be patient!

P.S. My mom says to tell you she sent you a box and the USPS returned it to us yesterday..we can't figure out why, that's the first time that's ever happened and she sends stuff overseas to the Sandy Man all the time..she's going down to the USPS today to find out what the problem is and will resend it today! You're gonna like it!
e + f ...
izzen't it funnee how we were all lissenin to sumthin today. i mus say, wut u were lissenin to wuz much mor melodiyus dan wut i wuz lissenin to!
laffin an laffin!
I'll make a distraction, you get up that bush!
I admire your patience my furfriend...

Wow, that is very cool that the birdies have a nest in the hedge! They must be fun to hear and see!
That bird nest is going to drive you crazy! They'll be going in and out of it all day...

Oh well... It will keep you very busy for awhile!
Eric, tell your mom that eggs is good for you! hee hee
me and brofur ed boff loves doze pixjurs of you guys. Youze is vera intel-i-jent lookin. I always say dat if cure-e-os-idy iz a sign of inte-i-jentz, den cats are da smartest crejures in the uneverse. Dat peep lady sez to say dat she jest phinne-esched anofur chapter in dat story of hers ... and she sed to say dat we haz to be verra careful abut whut we writes 'cause she gotz fired from her job a'case of her running blog. dat is makin her verra sad and shez not writin as fast as she usta.
OK... What you do is get Flynn to set up a diversion on the opposite side of the yard and then you go at that hedge like there's no tomorrow!

Good Luck!

Ohhhh this is going to be a fun week-end for you... and a perfect perch to "bide your time" too
Wow! You looked like you were practicing to be a sundial in that first photo. Is that how you trick the birds into coming closer?
Good luck Eric - our Mommy sees everything!
Ooohhhhh how exciting!
Bide your time, patience will pay off. Meanwhile, that is sure a nice table to sun yourself on!
Oh Eric, that will be very hard to leave those blackbirds alone, especially if they are going to make such noise! You are stronger than me, I would have pounced on them.
If you can catch the blackbird, you will only need Four-and-Nineteen more to bake a pie!
oh Eric, we afraid that you might get fall from that table....please watch out & bcareful!
How exciting, Eric! I wish I could get even that close to a birdie.
uhoh we hope Mr and MRs Blackbird have their nest well hidden in that hedge or you will probably get it. Happy Hunting ~THe Fluffy TRibe
mmm...two big fev-vers and a nest full of fev-vers to be...
we've got fev-vers that try to build a nest in the dryer vent. all we gotta do is pull the big silver tube off the dryer vent an sometimes we see a fev-ver in there. we couldn't get the thing off though, till Rascal came. he figured it out an now we've got access to 'em, 'cept they keep escaping our paws.
Mr. & Mrs. Fevvers have a home in there? Are there any baby fevvers? You have to be careful with baby fevvers!
What an exciting story - I can't wait to find out how it ends! :)
Be keerful Eric. Mr. & Mrs. Blackbird mite peck on yur pecker!

Luf, Us
How ixciting! I'm cheering for the cat team. I can't wate to heer what thay taste like...
The blackbirdies can't stay in the hedge all the time. Be watchful and I bet you can catch them leaving or entering it ;-)
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