Friday, April 04, 2008


A spring Day

It wuz lovely and sunny and even warm, so mum said we would have a nice long walk around the field's togevver. Flynn said if we didn't mind, he would rather stop and guard the mousie hole. Mum said that wuz ok, so I went on my own wiv her.
I sat on the hedge and gave her a cupple of my best mancat poses.
I like to show off my fizz-eek!
Then I rubbed my face on some twigs in case there were any introoders around. They haf to know this is Eric and Flynn territory.
I had a quick look to see if I could see any mice. No none here.
None here either.
Or here.
Then we stopped to admire the pretty blossom on the thorn trees.
When we got back I asked Flynn if he had caught me a mousie. He hissed at me!!!!
Hmppphhhh there wuz no need furr that Flynn. I know you wuz jellus cuz I went furr a walk wiv mum all on our own.

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purrfectly lovely walk and nice fizzeke too!

smiles, auntie bee
What a wonderful place for walking you have, Eric and Flynn. If I had such a green place, no door on earth could keep me inside!
*sigh* What beautiful spring blossoms!
Mum says you two should be known as Big Eric and Big Flynn. You're both big cuddly boys. We can only tell you apart from the nose markings.
Toby and Cupcake
That sounds like a great walk. It's too bad Flynn is so grumpy when he doesn't get a mousie.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That looks like a good walk Eric, too bad Flynn was jealous - maybe you guys can go together next time?! in the sunshine....
Why are yoo hissing at my twinkie, Flynn? Dont be mad at my hostiss cupkake cause yoo didnt find any mowsies!
Where you live looks like the best place in the world to live with all that grass and lots of places for luscious little mice to hide. But they can't hide for long - mwah ha ha. FAZ
It looks like you had a wonderful walk, Eric! We are sorry to hear Flynn hissed at you. Your fields look wonderful!
blossom are so so beautiful~!!

And I am sorry Flynn is a little bit jealous, hehehehe~~~ Next time while he catches, you may hiss back~~
Well, Flynn could've come with you & Mom, Eric. No need to hiss... unless he's acutally jealous of your fizz-eek!
You guys look so great out in the great outdoors. Soon I hope to show us something other than snow and ice. Good job protecting the perimeter Eric! I am sorry Flynn was cranky. I bet he is still brooding from being censored yesterday. Is he always that sensitive?

~Goldie and Shade
This is a wonderful place to take a walk. With such exciting things to look for.
What a terrific walk -- all sorts of things to see and do, huh?

And you guys have a birthday coming up soon! Congrats -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!

Grace & Company
Purrfday? What are you hoping for?
Sounds like you had a great morning!

and it was so beautiful too...

That looked like an absolutely beautiful excursion. Very nice!
What a lovely walk you had!
That was quite rude of Flynn. But what a lovely walk you two had.
oh it is so beautiful there. things are slowly greening up here but not fast enough for me. i like to watch the baby cows play in the field next to us. i told my human to get a baby cow but she said they don't have the room. she really isn't much fun sometimes.


i saw you were censored! haha
You two cuties are having an earlier spring then we are getting. Just today I did notice maybe a slight green on the grass but not much. Stop on over today I have posted the awards show and have a wonderful photo of you two giving me my award. Also I have an award that I am presenting to you two.
Eric, it looks like you had a very good walk! I think you are right, Flynn might have been a little bit jealous.
what a great time! it's been rainy here.
You have the best Man-Cat fizz-eek! It looks like you all had a nice time Out of Doors. Spring visited here for a day but I haven't seen it in a while.

Why did Flynn hiss at you?

Your green grass looks so pretty and spring-like. Ours is still brown. :(
Oh dear, I wonder why Flynn hissed at you? I think you are right he was jealous that you had alone time with the Mum and he probably knew you had dazzled her with all your manly poses too.
I think Flynn was grumpy because he didn't get a mouse. You have a lovely walk. I am really glad that your weather is so nice.
Yeah, no mouse catches makes Zippy grumpy too. She doesn't catch mouses a lot....Yoo and mom hafs a nice place to walk around.
Your grasses are always such a pretty color of green. Texassss duzn't haf dat purty color of green cuz ov da alkaline soils and akshully it's clay an den white rock at bowt 1 ft down. Yup. We gots yellow-green stuff. Yur green shows off yur furs furry nicely.

Luf, Us
You both have lovely fizzeeks! I hope to grow into a nice big mancat someday too! I am sorry that you did not catch any mousies, but there is always tomorrow!
Eric, you have got a great physique. You're very handsome, too.
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