Saturday, April 26, 2008


Purrizziners Again

Oh no!! It's happening again. Our Beans are leaving us furr two whole weeks and we haf to be locked up. We took a last walk in the fields today. We won't be doing that again until they come home. You can see my legs are wet furrom the grass. That means all the brown me and Flynn got on them furrom playing in the earth will be all washed off.Now I haf to dry them wiv my tongue.
I'm just lying here feeling sad that we won't see our Beans furr a while. I will miss them when they are gone.
We are making the most of today and getting the last of the sun in the greenhouse. Dad has put our outdoor run up furr us, so we will be able to get in the fresh air furrom our purrizzen cell.
All our faverit toys and nip will go out in the purrizzen wiv us. If anycat wants to teleport over and visit us, they can share them wiv us. There will be lots of treats too. Furr anycat who can't come and visit, we will see you in two weeks time.

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Poor Eric and Flynn : ( At least you have all your things in your purrizzen AND your Dad set it up so you can still get fresh air - It won't be so bad and lots and lots of us will teleport over for visits!
hurry back boys. we shall miss you!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Are you having someone stay with you, or someone just coming everyday to feed you??
We will teleport over a few times, that dirt you're laying in looks great for dust baths!!
Two weeks! Again! Sheesh, don't they know that the best place is home with the kitties?
Wow, what is it? Seems like all are being left alone. Momo kitty's SS is busy working on a thesis so she went to Italy to visit with Opus and Roscoe. Then their mom is going on business for a few days leaving all three of them without anything to do. They are spending the weekend with me and we are going to slumper party all weekend. We will stop on over and visit with you so you won't be along. It does look like your folks have a nice place for you to stay while they are gone. I know they will miss you too.
Aaaawwww, guys! I'll teleport over! I'm glad your folks have included your favorite toys and your 'nip as part of your purrizen rations!
Ohhhhhhhhh no I will miss you two boyz. My mum is going away too, but only for 5 days. So we will not be posting either.

Maybes I should come and visit with you?
Oh jeeze!

I'll be over to keep you company!

At least you will have your favorite things with you! Not your beans though but two weeks will fly by!

Smooches guys! I'l come over with some 'nip - it makes time fly!
2 weeks! That's a long time thus! We hope you will be okay!
Sneak over here-MomBean won't notice!
ware ar dey goin now e + f?
I am so sorry to hear that. You really need to put your paws down about all this traveling.
Two whole weeks!?!? OH NO!!!!

U kin come ofer to Texasss an stay wid us. Der ist plenty of ruum. Oh, well, not reeely, but datz ok. We'll jist go owt in da enkloshur. We'll buzz ofer to yur place too an bring sum mor Rotel maters fur yur Mum.

Luf, Us
Oh you poor guys!! I'm glad you all got to roll around the dirt and sleep in your pots before they left!

We'll see you all in two weeks!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Dudes! Two weeks wifout da beans, does someone come to stay wif yoo or just put food out a cuppul times a day? Cuz wifout beans around we could haf a wild party!
oh no! two whole weeks. do you have someone to keep you company at all? i hope so.

i think your last photo all curled up nappin is so cute. bendrix and i will miss your adventures while your away
Two whole weeks? Jeepers!!! That's a long time. I see a lot of teleporting goin' on,heehee
Purrs Mickey
KC said...
O, i's come see you. i wanna roll all around in that nice dirt, looks like fun.
Purrs, KC
Hey guys, this is Ed. We can't stop looking at the grass. There is still nasty snow on the ground here from a "freak" spring blizzard that dumped on us for 4 days last week. I've never seen anything like it. Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say me and Phinny will be over to hang out with you guys. We're looking forward to checking out your outdoor space. We're lobbying the peeps to get something arranged so we can get outside safely in the summer time. Don't get lonely dudes and just kick back, relax and enjoy the break from your peeps.
We all are stopping in so you won't feel left all alone. Where are your folks going to? Will they meet any of your blogging friends???? You two be good.
Sassy, Momo, Opus, & Roscoe
I will definitely teleport over to visit, I know how lonely it gets without your favourite humans. FAZ
Oh no, two weeks is a long time! I'm glad you have your toys in purrizzen with you! Willow and I will teleport over to visit with you too.

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
Oh no! two weeks in the purrizen cell! with no beans! that is terrible!! I am so sorry orangie boys!

PS: Fanks to you both and your mommie for encouraging my Mommie to let me keep blogging! I will be popping in to see you both when I can!
Oh nuts!!!! You guyz has to go to da prizzzon???? Well double hairballz on dat I say! I will tellyport ovevfur wit some roastie chix-hen, so at leastee you will eats Okay. I will be waitin' fur your typist to gets it togedder. I has to waits ALL DA TIME, & I yam not evfun in a prizzon.
Goodness gracious Eric and Flynn, your beans sure do a lot of gaddin' about. They should stay home with you. Hey, we will try to teleport over to see you too. We would enjoy the scenery you have over there. Just think, Eric if you weren't in that prizzin you could pay a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird.

Oh Eric and Flynn.
I will miss you two very much!
This last picture is very sweet... all of the pictures are wonderful though.
I will think upon your suffering. I hope it is not too horrible.

Two weeks is a long time to go without seeing you boys!

~ The Bunch
Dearest Eric & Flynn,
We know you is sad...our mommy is leavin' us soon, too. But...just think 'bout how much fun you will have when they come back home and git to punish them!!!

We will be thinkin' of you!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Oh, no, two weeks in purrizen again. At least the outdoor run is fixed up and you can get some fresh air. I hope the time goes by quickly for you. Maybe some stupid mice will come visit you.
Oh man, buddies, that is a long time without strolling around your estate with your momma and daddy. I'm glad you get to roll in the dirt in the prison yard, at least. I hope you get lots of treats in the meantime! And maybe a really stupid mouse will wander in...
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
but that's HORRIBLE! we'll all be right over to keep you company, most 'specially me.
Guys, we'll be over to keep you company!
Oh no! That's horrible. I'm so sorry you two will be stuck in your prison for 2 whole weeks :(
Oh jeeze that's like forever! We'll be happy to teleport over and play while your beans are gone!
I'm sorry they are deserting you. My Woman is so jealous they get to go away so often.

two whole weeks? humans can be so selfish. who is going to feed you. the magic food fairy? poor kitties.

yes i'm back
Stopping by to say congratulations to Eric for being cast in the next CCSI III: Missing Mummy Caper. I am looking forward to working with you. Stop by when your folks get back and I have your CCSI Badge for you to display on the sidebar of your blog if you want.
We are going to miss you!!!
oh, this is hartbreaking! Egspeshullie seeing yoo in the durt luking so mellow, my pomagranite tart! I'm fuewling up my jetpak and coming rite over to cheer yoo up!
Hi Boys
Hope you are being good for your aunties. We'll be back to see you a week tomorrow cos we are really missing our "Booty Boys" Love you both loads. Kisses and hugs to you. Love from mum and dad. xxxxxx
Ooo an out door run? I want one! Then momma would let me stay outside more! ~Queen Snickers
Oh no, two weeks is a really long time!! We hope you guys don't get too lonely.
Poor kitties! Half way mark now - one more week to go! I shall teleport over and keep you company. I'll bring some of my snacks and toys with me to share as well.
When are you guys comin' back? We miss you.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Hey, guys! Hurry back, I hope you got your package!
Oh no! What fun place are yur beans going to this time? We'll come ofur and bisit you. Our beans will be going away soon too so we can reely haf lots of fun. While da beans are away da mice -- uh, cats -- will play!
I hope you (well, your beans) come back soon!
Yeah that we can just teleport and be where we need to be even when the moms and dads are not at home.
You have gone way above and beyond the call of duty making your part be the best is can be. Big weekend coming up with the premier showing of CCSI III. Great working with you.
Sassy, Momo, Karl, Ruis, Opus & Roscoe
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