Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Playing in the garden and a mystery.

Dad rotovated mum's vegetable garden furr her and her border furr putting flowers in. She raked the border all nice and smooth, and it looked just right furr playing in. It's really easy to dig pits in it too. In the middle of the clip you can hear mum do a big sigh. That's cuz we ran slap bang into her legs and nearly knocked her over. Hehe.

There is a mystery too. The sound is all crackly and it sounds like a radio or sumfing in the background. Well, there wuz no-one else home, and mum didn't have the radio on. What do you fink it could be?

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I dunno about the crackly sound, but I sure did hear a birdy!
What fun it must have been having all of that dirt to get crazy in!
Terrific video! :) That looks like a great spot for digging and playing. :) Lots of great dirt!
Our mom has to throw out some of her videos because - she puts her finger over the little speaker and it wrecks the sound!!

Luckily she doesn't do it every time. :)
He he you guys seem to be having lots of fun :) Is it wind blowing in the background?
Purrs from the SnowForest family :)
I wanted to let you 2 know I got my new tattoo!! Come see it!! Thanks again for the award :-D

Hmm, I have no idea what that sound was from. It does sound like a radio. I thought I heard someone talking.

You both look like you were having so much fun playing in the newly tilled dirt!

And Eric, you look just like Sunny playing. Every morning Sunny jumps around like you were doing, from one spot to another on the floor. Then he'll stop for a moment and crouch on the floor in a big lump and does the same exact fast tail whapping in the air! Just like you do! I'm beginning to wonder if Sunny's cat daddy didn't travel across the big pond to the UK after Sunny was born.
I think the sound IS aliens!!!
I also want to play in the dirt!! That looks so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom,why can't I play in th edirt?

Purrs Mickey
Oh my that looked like sooooo much fun. There was sum cerious tail tappin goin on yu must've found sum type of critter...we don't know what da sound wuz...ghosts?

I fink I hurd a buzzy bee. Or a ginormous horsie fli. I dunno bowt da static, but I hurds da buzzins.
Ooh, what lovely Gingers!
Tell the truth- do you sometimes poo in the garden? Since we're indoor kitties we can only dream of doing that... rolling in the dirt looks like FUN!
I bet that dirt feels good between your toesies. I like how you guys were leaping around and you had twitchy tail.

I recognize those voices from when I was a Borg. Stay vigilent
Wow...that looks like lotsa fun! We don't never gits to go dig in the dirt. We is abused.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
That dirt looks just right for playing in, I don't get to play with dirt except what dirt I can scatter out of my pot of cat grass, sigh.....I think I must be abused like The Whiskers & Purrs Gang : )

I think the sound is cat aliens!
That looks like an excellent place to play, though not once your Mum plants everything! Is she ok? Cause that's a lot of ManCat to hit the legs :-)!
I want to play in the dirts! It looks like fun. And I think sometime I would like to learn how to go potty outside, in some real dirt.
I want to play! The crackling noise is obviously something extra terrestrial. Were you sending psychic thoughts to your human? x
guess what? your goduncles again! pepper cat had five babies during the night! mom says she'll get the pics up soon. oh and the best part is they are all fine except that it looks like she mated with a possum.

How much fun it looks to play in the dirt. I would think that your mom would run and get out of your way when you are too busy running and playing, ha, ha, ha.
I like a good mystery being that I produce mystery CCSI shows and all, I am wondering if maybe there was wind blowing that the mic was picking up?????
You are awesome gardeners!!!
Thank you so much for coming to our blogoversary party and celebrate with us! It wouldn't have been as much fun without you - and we hope you had a great time too and not too much of a hang-over, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
You are lucky you get to play in the dirt. I think the static is aliens trying to communicate with you.
Oh man, playing in the dirt is AWESOME! Great video, buddies!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
The only dirt we get to play in is in da plant pots in da house and most haf rocks on da top so we can't dig in 'em...our mom is mean.
Mistrie uses Momma's flower beds for a litter box.

Oh, I think that was fairies that you heard.

hehehehhe, that is a great video! Looks like they are having so much fun!
We can't wait until they tackle our garden like that! It is still snow/slush/mud up there.
Yall are doin good if yore Mommy only sighs when yoo almost knocks her ofur. Our Mommy is noisier when we do that. hehehe
Them noises is prolly aliens. Ask Sammy Meezer bout it.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
You guys get to play in dirt...OUTSIDE??? WAY COOL!!!

Love the video....maybe the wind was whispering to you!
That looks a lot of fun! We wouldn't know cause our darn humans made us house cats! Sigh.

Was that hissing we heard? Did someone hiss? hehehehe!

Did you know that we are also brothers AND we are also from a farm AND we also live in Europe! Sounds like the four of us have a lot in common (and we also hiss at each other from time to time..).

Kitty kiss from Itay,
Opus and Rosoce
ps. Please don't mind our strange outfits. We haven't changed since Karl's party.
BabyBean: "Oooo kitties! ::laugh::"
We do not know what we heard, other than your Mum! You are such big boys no wonder she sighed.

Our dirt here in Georgia is red.
It looks like you all are having so much fun outside.

~ Timothy
That looks like fun! Maybe we should help our Grampy. He's been tilling, getting ready to plant more stuff.

We heard the "ooomf" when you plowed into your Mom! Hehehe.
I think the mystery sound is a Grackle! That's what makes weird sounds around our house-my mom call's 'em "Lawnmower birds", cause they can sound that way, too.
Yay fur dert! Itz an ale-yee-an wid fev-vers.

Luf, Us
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