Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Parker's Surprise.

Happy 10th. Purrfday to Puff and Powder We are going to celebrate tonight when mom gets home from her workplace.

Hehe you thought you were coming to Parker's blog didn't you. Our modem's broken so we have pinched Eric and Flynn's blog.


If you want to see Eric and Flynn they are lurking around somewhere, but you'll have to find them. (There is help here to find them but we're not telling how)

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Happy Purthday to you TWO!
Happy April Fool's Day! This blog hopping is a lot of fun! :)
Wow, that was a smart move, Parker! Happy birthday, Puff and Powder.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
You guys rock soooooooo much! I owe you two (and your Mommy) about a squillion smooches!
Oh gudness!
Anutter gud april foos joke!
Happy purrfday yu guys...

Hee hee hee! Happy April Fools! And Happy Birthday to Powder and Puff!
happy april of fools day! you guys are weirds... :)
Happy Birthday to Powder and Puff!
Happy Birthday and Happy April Fool's!
Haha, those girls know how to celebrate going across the Ocean and all!

Hee hee! Dis is funny. Hi Powder, Puff, Eric, Flynn, Parker, Millie, Daisy, Tybalt or WHOEVER!
G'nite John Boy.
WHOOHOO! Happy Purrthday to them an now we're gonna go on a hunt to find Eric & Flynn. Fun!
Happy Birthday to you! This is so much fun. It's like playing where's Waldo.

Roxy & Lucky
That's a funny April Fools Day trick! I have tracked down almost everybody so far.
We is haffing soooo much fun wif dis April fools stuff!
Oh dear! We're so confused!
We like that old picture of you on your last post!! Very alert!
oh you kitties are so tricky! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Happy Birthday Puff and Powder!!

We are sooo confuzed. We can't find anybody!!
They're at PB&J. I think it's fun the way you all organized this little game of hide and go seek.
Hee hee! Happy April Fools Day!
Goodness! Happy 10th Birthday to Powder an' Puff ... AND a Happy April Fool's Day to efurryone.
hahaha this is very funny to find all of my cat friends everywhere!!
This is a very fun April Fools Day trying to find out where everyone is!
Hey Eric,
Rosie said to tell yoo thares a bun in the ovun!!!

HAHAHA, Aprul Fools!
Oh, here you are! This is such a fun April Fool's Day!

Purrrrrrs, Willow
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