Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Our Puurfday, an Award and Snow

It's our purrfday today and we are 8 years old.
We got this great card furrom Zoolatry. We fink the balloons on our tails might keep the bajjers away and keep us safe.
Fanks Ann, Maggy and Zoey.

Also we got this award furrom Sassy.
She said she wanted to give us this award "Because when you visit their blog they are always doing many fun things, whether they are in their house or outside sleeping in the tractor you never know what they might be up to unless you keep in touch with them."
Fanks Sassy we are honoured to accept this award furrom you.
We would like to pass this award on to the Whiskers and Purrs gang cuz they are always up to sumfing and they make us laff, and efurrycat and Bean should laff at least once a day.

At the weekend you would haf seen that it wuz so lovely and sunny that the Beans got the garden swing out furrom the shed. It wuz great to be able to sunbathe outdoors again. Next morning we rushed out to lie in the sun again.
What's that cold white stuff falling on our furrs?
We wuz not impurressed.
We had a quick walk around the garden and thought that the fire sounded a much better bet, so went back indoors. The snow didn't last long and the sun came out again, but every time we went back out, the snow started to fall out of the sky again, so we gave up and stayed indoors.

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happee purfday you two cuties! eight? wow, you are almost as old as me! ha ha ha

have a wonderful happy day and i hope sunbeams shine on your furs...

smiles, auntie bee
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH, ERIC AND FLYNN!!!! I also made a Birthday card for you, please come and see today's post~!!!!

Oah I am so so happy for you both, that is a great day~!!! I sincerely wish you will be always healthy, athletic!! and excellent hunters~!!!!!!!

Sorry for the snow, in the video, you both really look very down~~~ I am sure you could play very soon!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you both again!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Wow there are lot of cats who have birthdays near my human's! Have a great one!
Happy Purrthday to two great Ginger ManCats, Eric and Flynn. Too bad it waited until April to snow, but at least it didn't last long or stay on the ground.
Happy, Happy Birthday to two of my favourite kitties and handsomest of mancats! Snowing on your birthday, is that an auspicious sign?
Happy Happy Birthday Eric & Flynn! We're sorry about the snow, but we bet it will melt for your birthday! We hope you get lots of love and treats and stinky goodness (and no bajjers)!

Oh, and concatulations on your award!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!! To my fellow 8 year old ManCats.
Happy Birthday Eric & Flynn
WOWWY WOWWY WOW!!! You gived us a award! Dang...we is so proud! Thanks so much, Eric & Flynn!!! We will proudly put it on our bloggy tomorrow!!!

Thank you so much...we is glad you both are our friends!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Happy happy birthday to two of the lovliest kitties in the cat blogosphere!

Big hugs and purrs from Tigger and Trixie and Pyewacket. :)
Happy Birthday! :) We hope you have a great day! :) As we say in German: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! :)
Happy Birthday to two seriously handsome ManCats!
Happy purrfday to my two favourite ninja ginger boys. I hopes you has another great year, and you get lots of stinky food and treats.

I hope you get lots of sunbeams and that is the last snow you see for a long, long time.

poppy Q
Oh HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY! We love you guys!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TWO!!! Great pictures of your adventure!
Maggy & Zoey
Eric & Flynn.
Happy Birthday to two awesome guys!
Happy Purfday Eric & Flynn. We lufs yoo! Plus we tagged yoo for a meme if you feel like playin. Yoo prolly am having too much fun cellybrating tho. Haf a great birfday!
Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn! Hope you'll have a great day and the white thing coming down will stop soon. You don't seem to like it ;)
Happy Birthday hope you get lots of
treats :)
happy purrfday to you
happy purrfday to you
happy purrfday Eric and Flynn
happy purrfday to you!

wooo hooo!!!! we hopes you get lots and lots of treats
Happy Purrfday to you!
Two big mancats true,
I hope you get mousecakes,
and maybe some brew! ;)
Happy Purrfday, Eric & Flynn!!!!!
Happy Birthday to two wonderful mancats! PARTY!!!!! =^_^=

Congratulations on your award! Sorry about the snow . . . I don't like that nasty white stuff.
Happy Purrthday to my two favorite Orange brother-cats! I really fink those balloons will help you with the badgers!
Happy birthday, Eric! Happy birthday, Flynn! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with treats and hugs and kisses.

You two looked very cute (and a little confused) out there in the snow.
Congratulations on your award!

Happy happy happy birthday, Eric & Flynn!
Furry FURRY happy Purrday to boff of yu too sweet boys....
We loved your videooo!
Concats on da award to yur bloggie!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLYNN AND ERIC! I hope you both have a wonderful day, I know your Mum and Dad will spoil you guys!

That snow looks very cold, I would stay inside too!
Happy Purrthday and a squillion more! Sorry about da snow, it shouldn't snow on yoor purrthday.
Happy 8th Birthday, Eric and Flynn! I hope you have a great birthday today :-D I hope your Mum and Dad have some special treats for the both of you!

Congratulations on your award, and the beautiful card Zoolatry made for you. Getting those on your birthday helps to makes it extra special.

PS: It looks like Eric doesn't like the snow much. Looks like he's trying to find a place to hide so it can't land on him.
Happy Birthday Eric and Flynn! I didn't know we share the same Birthday. I am 16 today.
You must tell us what you got for presents, other than the white stuff!
Happy Birthday boys!! I hope you get tons of chick-hen and treats!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

PS I hate the white stuff also!
Happee purrfday you two cuties !

So cute pics!

Rememember,next Tuesday my Birthday Party Yepeee!!
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 8th Birthday Eric & Flynn and many, many, many mooooooore!!!!! We hope your day was wonderful! We have never seen real snow!! Was it cool?
Your FL furiends,
Happy Birthdays!!!!!!!
Spring is cruel like that here to!
Hippo Purrthday to you both!

You know, I never now what to do with the balloons, it never occur to me to tie them to my tail. Great Idea!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC & FLYNN!!!!!! I hope you were spoiled lots & lots!
Gongrats on your award too you funky boys ;)
Purrs Mickey
Happy Happy PURRRTHDAY!!
Happy Birthday!
from your friends at CatSynth :)
Happy Purrfday to you sweet ginger boys! Willow and I would like to sing to you:

Happy, Happy Purrfday...
May all your dreams come true...
Oh, Happy, Happy Purrfday...
With love from us to you!!!

Willow and I are hoping that you got some treats today! In honor of your birthday, we had some extra Temptations at bedtime!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Happy 8th Purrfday Eric & Flynn!!! Whoo Hoo!!! ::::spin:::: ooohhh, now we're dizzy. eh eh yak... Oops. Sorry bowt dat.

At least it's still Tuesday heeer, efen doe itz Wensday der.

Luf, Us
Justee tink of da grrreat BEatlez song, "Dey say its your birfday,... yeah, yeah, yeah....dey say itz Eric & Flynn'z birfday...yeah, yeah, yeah!" Well, okeedokee, dat iz not quite da right leer-ex, but you gets da genreal idee.
A round of 'nip fur evfurry one.
Happy Purffday to you, Happy Purffday to you! We Ballicai are so sorry we're a day late -- we hope you hadded a superduper day!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh NO!!! We missed your purrthday! Well, hope it was great ('cept for the snow part)
Happy Beelaytid Berthday yoo two!!! And 8's not that old ... Rocky the Guttercat is TWICE that old!!!!
happy purrthday, you fine ginger lads!!! we is sorry it's belated, but you knows we had uvver fings on our plate just then . . .

may you both enjoy as many more years as you has had already--an' may they be healthy, happy, an' filled wif mouses an' voles an' the odd fevver or two; only, not frankie, eh? ;-)
oh dear i missed your birthday. very sorry. things have been so crazy here! i feel terrible. so very sorry. hope it was great!

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