Saturday, April 12, 2008


Prayers for MuShue, Lilly Lu and Iris.

We are keeping Mu Shue, Lilly Lu, Iris and Momma Laura in our thoughts and prayers. After hearing the terrible news about the fire, we pray for a miracle that they manged to escape safely.

Playing One, Two, Three.
One of my favourite games I play wiv my mum is one, two, three. She counts furr me to get ready, then she throws little bits of wood in the air furr me. The video clip is a bit bouncing around cuz she had to keep bending down to pick up the wood. Dad plays it indoors wiv me too wiv rolled up silver paper. When I wuz younger, I would keep bringing the paper back furr him to keep throwing it. Now I still jump furr it and chase it, but I don't bring it back so much. He has to keep throwing new bits. It's a very fun game.

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Oh Eric,

That is a cool jumping trick! We love it! Looks fun.
nice vid-ee-oo eric!

smiles, auntie bee
Oh Eric, that video is adorable! You are a mighty fine jumper! And that game looks like so much fun.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Eric you are a good boy, a really good lad!!
Eric, what a talented boy you are! We don't blame you for not bringing back the paper, it seems the least the humans could do would be to round them up afterwards.
That looks like fun! Are you part woofie?
You are a fine jumper as well as a fast runner (from a previous video). Perhaps you should enter the track and field events in the Olympics!

I am purring and purring for the kitties and mom Laura and her neighbours. Hope no one is hurt!
That's some great leaping there Eric. You and your brother are very handsome fellas indeedy :)
You brought the paper back? That's amazing! Looks like a real fun game!
Eric!!!That is too cool!
How long did it take to train your Mom to do that? Heehee
Purrs Mickey

PeeEss: We are purraying for Mom Laura and her kitties too .
Eric, you have some very strong jumping skills! Are you sure you have never been in the circus?

I am purring my hardest for Lilly Lu, Iris, and Mu Shue.
Eric, we are praying for a miracle too. This is so very sad.
ps - you are so talented!
That looks like a fun game, Eric. We are purring and praying hard for our friends.
You are a very good jumper
We are purring and praying for Mama Laura and for our furriends, Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris.
There is a tiny bit of hope that they were able to get away and we are clinging to that. Just keep praying that they did and will be found today.
:: leaking eyes ::
Love & Purrs,
KC and The Sherwood Bunch
Ollie plays that with her Daddy! He throws wadded up paper balls and she has to go find them. She's pretty good about returning them to Daddy (so he can throw them over and over) but when she gets tired she makes Daddy go get the paper :-p

I think this game shows how smart you are, Eric. Not many cats will play this game.
Ha ha, that looks like a fun game, Eric! I like playing with my momma, too. Sometimes we play chase in the yard, and inside she throws mousies and I catch them.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
P.S. congratulations on your awards this week, buddies, and happy belated birthday!
That's just champion, Eric! You're catchin' quite a bit of air beneath you as well. I'm afraid I will jump high only for Da Bird and the Whirlybird.

I, too, am purring and purraying hard for Lilly Lu, Mushue and Iris and mom Laura.
Eric, you are a fantastic jumper! That looks like such a fun game!
wow i didn't realize how athletic you are. that is just brilliant!!

Wow Eric, yoor a great jumper and can count to three!
What a fun game! Hey, yur Mum speeks British! Did u no dat?

Luf, Us
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