Thursday, April 10, 2008


Meme and awards.

We got the Absolutely Pawesome award furrom our good furrends (and Flynn's girl cat furrend) Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, and Rascal and Riley. It wuz started by Daisy Mae Maus.
We fink that's great that they fink our blog is pawesome. Fank you to all of you.
We would like to pass it on to three others who we fink have Pawesome blogs too. They are:
Forty Paws, Miss Peach and Monty Q.

Also we haf been given the Totally Hip award by Mickey. He sez:

This award was invented by Charlie, who said that the award must be passed on "to three hip bloggers to perpetuate the spirit of hip-ness, for which, if you need any help, you can refer to Zaphod Beeblebrox*, who said, "I'm so hip, I can't see over my own pelvis!"
Fanks Mickey. We are really happy that you fink our blog is hip.
We pass it on to: Momo, Sunny, and Yao-lin

We haf been tagged by Beau and Angie furr the book meme.
Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

Well, the book mum is reading at the moment duzn't haf a page 123 in it cuz it's in between chapters, and it only has the name of the chapter on it. We thought that would be a bit boring. Mum said she would go to page 125, but we said that it has to be 123. Another book that she reads different bits and pieces out of all the time is:
The Living Isles, A Natural History of Britain and Ireland by Peter Crawford.

"In reality, the Breckland reveals a long and fascinating natural history - one in which our early ancestors played a major role which changed the course of nature. For many years naturalists thought that this exposed part of East Anglia had always been treeless - ever since the sands so characteristic of this region were formed during the last Ice Age. Historical records dating back seven centuries show it to have been open grassland - sheep walks and rabbit warrens - and what mature trees exist today are known to have been planted recently as shelter belts."
Huh who's she trying to fool? She's more likely to be reading Stephen King.
We would like to tag,
Chase, Penelope, Derby, Luxor, and Zoolatry

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Congrats on all of the awards! You guys totally deserve them. And thanks for the tag. I really need to do this book one!

Congratulations on the awards, guys! Mommy says that book sounds interesting.
Congratulations on your awards! They are very well deserved. :)
Congratulations on your awards!!
woo woo you got all kinds of awards...dat is really great! Concatulations....

Congratulations on your awards!!! You guys are wonnerful!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
okay i think i can handle that. i'll try to take care of it today but we had more baby bunnies that we didn't even expect so it was quite a surprise and my human is busy trying to figure out who to put where now. i'm overseeing to make sure we don't make any personality mistakes. some of those rabbit girls just don't get along.

Concatulations on you awards! You guys are Pawesome!
Congrats on all your awards, guys! And thanks for the tag on the book meme - I'll do that soon!
Congratulations on your awards - you guys deserve them.
Congratulations on your awards! My Mommie has been feeling very non-intellectual when she sees all the complicated books everybody reads. She just finished Duma Key by Stephen King, herself!
Congratulations on all your awards. They are very deserved.
That's pretty wonderful for you to receive all those awards, fellas-you deserve them, too!

My mom reads books like your Breckland books and I think her brains are a little stuffy at times..but then she reads David Weber and Diana Gabaldon, so I think she might find a little balance there. She's my mom, what can I say?
Yup, My Mom would rather read something like Stephen King anytime. She says she uses her brain too hard at work to over-extend it at home!
hey - concats on your awards!
congratulations on the awards - I absolutely agree with the kitties who gave them to you because your blog is both hip and pawsome. Thankyou alos for giving it to me. I am honoured to have been awarded it twice.
Dearest English Gents! I just love the book your mum is reading. It makes me close my eyes and I can imagine the bunnies scampering about like in the movie Watership Down! You both live in a true enchanted land...
ConCATulations on both of your super nice awards! Very well deserved I might add to that. Thank you ever so much for selecting me to pass the PAWsome one on to. It is very pretty and I will select some very PAWsome kitties to pass it on to also.
I think it was sweet of Frankie to leave you with such a sweet present. Nice pretty birdie...he is a good friend to you both.
Love Miss Peachy
Wow, these are lots of awards! Congratulations, you well deserved them!
Oh my goodness: The Zoolatry Human would more likely be reading Stephen King as well, 'cept she has to wait until he publishes a new one! We will do our Book Meme tomorrow (Friday)... though ZH says books are her best sleeping aid so she doesn't often get as far as page 123.
Cool awards!!!!!
Mom usually reads 'fiction' too. She likes "Coffee table" books 'cause they look important ;)
Mom's are silly,heehee

Purrs Mickey
Congratulations on your awards~!!!!!!!
And I like your book! I think that must be very interesting!
Congratyounationz on yer awardz!
Abouts yer meme...didz you bite da peecez of da book?
Oh.. & how iz Frankie doin? I waz sure some one bit dat tail outta his butt.
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