Monday, April 21, 2008


Mancat Monday

I love this Ham-Mick we won in the raffle furrom Forty Paws. Eric thought he wuz going to have it all to himself, and he told me I had to sleep on the vishus deer furrs. When he's not looking I sneak onto it.
It is furry comfy.
Now I am having a nippy dream. You can see our nippy crown which wuz part of our purrize furrom Queen Snickers, and our grey nippy heart which wuz furrom Monty. They make me have sweet dreams.
Beside the heart on the floor, you can see Eric's Scruffy Rat. That is his most favouritest toy ever, and he has had it since he wuz a baby kitty.
If you look at my paws in the furrst pikchur, you might notice they are not their usual dazzling white. This is because we haf been playing in the lovely soft earth. It is great fun but it has stained my leg furrs beige. mum sez I need to get eggstra busy washing my legs.

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maybe you should get a double decker ham-mick!

smiles, auntie bee
The Ham-mick is just your size & color!! And it looks like it will give you many more good dreams!!!!
Flynn - I have the same nip crown from Queen Snickers!!! Don't you LOVE it? We all do - but I don't mind sharing it. That hammock looks absolutely great!!!
Mrs. OZ
I think your legs look just fine, Flynn. Did you find any good bugs?
You went to bed without having a bath to clean your paws?
You look like you have the most comfortable bed ever!
Flynn, yoo Shulda kleened yer paws before sleeping on my orange-mango tart'a ham-mack. But yoo do luk supur confie. And its grate that my neopolitun icecreem hasn't eaten his rat friend yet. It duesnt luk too yummy.
WOWY - that does look sooper comfy - purrrfect fer nip dreams!
You do look very comfy! Auntie ML gave us a hammock and Spats has claimed it for her own!
That is a great hammock. :) You look very comfortable on it. :)
hmm...a purrfect spot to nap indeed!

1st ManCat Monday furr Big Brother Bunjie, Meaouwy Troops leader
That hammock looks like a great place to nap!
Well, we are in disbelief that you took your nap before grooming, but that is your business, of course. We love the hammock!
Seems you are very happy about you hammock! You look so cute napping in there!
I say yu look furry comfee in dat ham-mick. Auntie Bee has the rite ider...yu needs a double decker ham-mick...

You look very happy and comfy sleeping in Eric's hammock, Flynn :-)
That looks wonderfully comfy!! I am jealous. It is the perfect size for one, that way I wouldn't have to deal with growls from Shade whenever I try to get in OUR bed.
What a cool Ham-mick, we'd need 6 of them!
sounds like you need another ham-mick! you look very comfy there.

what great toys. ah, digging in the dirt is wonderful...until bath time. i'm not allowed out cause of my FIV, but mommy "lets me" dig in my pots (I have grasses and nip).
I do not think I have ever seen you with dirty paws before! It looks very rough-and-tumble.
Flynn, that is a very nice hammock, I am glad that you get to sleep in it sometimes.

Your dirty paws are making me laugh, you must have been really digging around outside!
I know--get Eric to wash your feet while you're in his hammock!
That is definately one very cool hammock!
How awesome! I would totally love a bed like that. I'll have to see to the Woman contacting 40 Paws.

I can see you like that hammock!!! It looks comfy and so do you ;)
Life is grand!!
Purrs Mickey
We unnerstand about da stains Flynn, Zippy digs in da garden and it takes several cleanings afore her feets is white again. Maybe yoo guys should each haf yoor own hamhock.
Ham-Micks!!! We are seeing in various poodin abodes dat da Ham-Micks are experiencing territorial wars.

Luf, Us
Greetings from sunny Italy, I'll be visiting with the boys, Opus and Roscoe, for the next week! It was pouring with rain as we left Sydney in our flying bus.

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