Monday, April 07, 2008


Mancat Monday

I like to lie on the path outside of the garage cuz I can snoopervise efurryone who goes in and out furrom here. That is what a responsible mancat duz.A sirpurrize on Sunday.
In Flynn's Easy on Sunday yesterday, you can see what a lovely sunny day it was. The pikchur wuz akshully taken on Saturday. On Sunday we went to go out the door and there wuz white stuff falling out of the sky. We hafn't had any of that stuff furr a very long time. Mum took a short video clip of us wiv it and we didn't like it. She sez we can post it tomorrow cuz it's still on the flashy box at the moment.


wow, white stuff in april? man...

smiles, auntie bee
I think People who walking next to you, must be feel very safe, because you are there~!!!
Mother Nature is being very strange, you finally getting snow in April!
Cement? That's good rolling-around, that is! Snoopervising the peoples is a good idea. They're easily confused and prone to wandering off. I'm always having to go back and collect my human and make her follow me when I'm out. When she remembers to let me out!

Oh Princess Pearl had snow too - we finally got rid of ours. We say, no more snow for anykitty!
Snow? Wow. But it looks nice where you are laying! I hope you got inside before it snowed.
Wuz it clouds fallin frum da sky? Da sky is fallin da sky is fallin.

Luf, Us
No. More. Snow! I think I would have hissed at it!
Mom say that waaay back in 1975, there was a blizzard in Boston when she moved to Florida. She had to sit on the plane for hours while they de-iced the plane and the runway. We sure are glad that only got a little bit, or you'd have to wait a long time for your Mom to de-ice your swing!
I heard that the youkay got snow on Sunday - hard to believe they are trying to sell you bikinis in the shops isn't it?

Hope you get more sunbeams this week. you get lots of ~Cornish pasties to build up all of your Mancat muscles?.......
we finally gotted rid of our white stuffs
Good job snoopervising, Eric!

White stuff? Yuck! We are very lucky we haven't had any at all this past winter!
You look like a good snooperviser.
We'll come back to see a picture of the white stuff!

~ Timothy
Eric, you are a very responsible and hard working mancat!

That is very surprising you got snow :-0 I can't wait to see your new video tomorrow.
Yu make a gud snoopervisor!
White stuffs fallin frum da sky?
What? Now?
Ooo yuckie...

It'll probably be gone soon. You'll be back to green grass before you know it!
You got white stuff when it's supposed to be warm and springy?! How horrible! I didn't like the white stuff when we got it here, either. It got my furrs wet and messy and it took me forever to get groomed.
Happy Birthday !!! ~Scylla, Charybdis & Socks
Eric, that looks like a very good spot to snoopervise everything.
Hi Eric & Flynn thanks for coming by the M-Cats Club and being one of our Birthday Mancats. Happy Almost Birthday!
Hi 5 paw
You look very manly there. We hope the snow goes away soon.

Guarding your path is a very Mancatly job! I cannot wait to see your snow pictures.
Great guarding and snoopervising Eric!!!
I saw your snow on the news here in Canada!!!!!!!! Cold stuff isn't it ?!
I have given you two an award because I think you are hip :)
Collect it anytime .
Purrs Mickey
You look very manly and handsome.
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