Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sofa Hog

Flynn are you sure you've got enough room there? Is there any chance you could stop snoring too, I'm trying to get some sleep.Hmpphhh duzn't look like he's going to take any notice. I'll just haf to try and ignore him and hope he duzn't stretch out any longer.


He will take up as much room as you let him! looks like you guys need a bigger couch!!
Your FL furiends,
lovely tummies!!!

smiles, auntie bee
How much more room does Flynn need? The question is how much more room can Flynn get?
Flynn, you look very comfortable all stretched out like that. Poor Eric, you look like you want more room.
Give a kitty an inch and he'll take the shole sofa!
Well, that sofa does look a bit on the small side for you two...maybe another sofa is needed so that you can have one each. Just a thought,


Gypsy & Tasha
Poor Eric. You should definitely fight for more space on the sofa!
MomBeansays if you want to come over here you can share the couch wif her-there's plenty.
Flynn you're just like Ping. He spreads out as much as you let him...

You definitely need a longer sofa.
Flynn - I sleep exactly the same way!!

Eric - I think you need to ask mom and dad for your very own couch!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Eric I feel your pain! Chase snores so loud and takes up so much space.

Ha! It looks like Flynn is trying to take up maximum sofa space!
Sometimes a mancat just needs to stretch out . . .
When Bert is hogging the bed I just go pick a fight, I mean lick his head and he gets up and goes somewhere else!

I am shocked Flynn needs more room on the sofa than you, Eric. You're right, he is a sofa hog :-p
Hahahahaha - the two of you sure need one big sofa all to yourself!!! I love you kitty pictures, very very cute!
Ha, ha, ha...that is funny! Flynn sure is stretched out. He looks very comfy.

If he stretches out too far just push him over the edge : )
Speedy does dat! And he snores, and drools too!
Big mancats need room to stretch out. FYI, we don't call it snoring at my place, it's loud PURR.
Heh heh. Looks like Flynn is totally comfurtable!

Luf, Us
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