Sunday, April 06, 2008


Easy on Sunday

It wuz a nice sunny day again so mum and dad wuz working in the garden. Dad trimmed our big high hedge and then he wanted a rest, so he got the garden swing out. I fink he got it out furr me really.
There wuz a cold wind in the fields, but in our garden it wuz lovely and warm . Mum sez it's a sun trap cuz the hedge keeps the wind out on one side, and our purrizen fence keeps it out on the other side.
This swing is really comfy furr washing your furrs on. I wuz really settled here until mum had to come along wiv the stoopid flashy box.

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nice day flynn and i loved the video too!

smiles, auntie bee
That looks super comfy, Flynn. Did Eric take a sun bath there too later?
your bud Pepi
Wow! Your own garden swing. That is so cool of your person!
We had a lovely day here too, nearly 15C or 60F. Mum opened more windows and worked outside raking the matted grass up. Soon the grass will be green again.
ah ... cleenin yerself on a swing in da sun ...
wutta life!
The shadow of your ears on the back of the swing is most beautiful!
Flynn you look great on the swing set. I am glad you got some sunbeams buddy.
Flynn- that was vary nice of yer dad to bring out the sun so yoo culd lay out.. Oh, and that's anice gardin swing too. Yer dad seems supur kul.
Oah Dear Flynn,
That is so so comfortable garden swing~!!!! And what a comfy carpet and wonderful sunshine~~~~~~
Wowww...I am so so admiring!!!!!

Have a wonderful relax swing day!!
A garden and a swing. How lucky both of you are! I guess Chica & Pumuckl will get a bit jealous!
Why did you jump down? That swing looks really comfy, and I see you are getting lots of sun on your furs!
Flynn you look very nice on that swing. It matches your furr wonderfully.

It seems pretty if you squeezed over a tad I could join you?

purrs, Goldie
That's a great swing! I bet it is wonderful to laze about on!
Dearest Flynn,
That sure is a nice swing...wish we had one! It would be perfect to nap is one lucky cat!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Move over!! Fellow mancat coming in!
You look very comfy on the swing, Flynn. :) Looks like the perfect spot for washing. :)
i hate the flashy box. i was folded in half sleeping in the goats grain bowl and my human just had to take a picture. i'd take it away but them no one would know what i look like.

well, he definitely picked that blanket just for YOU - it matches your furs beautifully.
Very cute!
Lucky boys. I had to suffer through snow today. I am not quite over it yet. You look gorgeous all sunlit by the way x
I can see that the swing is perfect for sunbathing and cleaning yourself on!
Oooooooooooooo,I'm jealous that you have a nice outdoor swing! You look good having an outdoor bath too ;) Oh boy,I like warm weather!!
Purrs Mickey
Nothing like a sun bath on the swing Flynn ... we guess! Since we don't go outside we have our sunbaths on the floor by our front door. You looked comfy and content until the flashy box thing ... hee hee!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Flynn, I'm so glad that you got to get out to some sunshine today too! Actually, I ended up in the shade while China Cat thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine but we were out....if only in the porch...

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
If it weren't fur yoor mom wif da camera we wouldn't get to see yoor handsomeness on dat swing. Which, by the way, we want...
You blend in furry nicely wid dat blankie. Sumbuddy mite sit on you.

Luf, Us
That is a great swing you got there in the garden. I think it's the perfect size for you and Eric to sit on together :-) Your Daddy is wonderful to put it up just for you.
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