Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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We told mum we used this pikchur befurr but she sez it's one of her faverits, and it wuz just after we got our blog, so lots of you won't haf seen it. It's an older photo that's been scanned and I wuz Smaller Eric then. Mum sez if I try doing it now, I'll break the branch.
What a spot to watch for birdies.
You was furrrry athletic Eric!
You coulda done circus tricks with Daisy.
I is impressed.
Are you waitin' fur da Frankie??? Oh waits a minuet...he iz a fezz-ant & I guesse he can'ts quite fly dat high or squish hiz fezzered butt into doze itty bitty holez.
So what kinda birdeez livez in dat housee?
Are dey tastee???
Eric. You. are. a. genius.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
P.S. We all really loved the video of you and your daddy on Monday. That is one dumb fezzent. Maybe he's tastey, though...
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Hahahaha! We hopes da birdies don't confuse da feeder wif yer tail!
Hey, it looks like they hung the bird feeder from your tail... now there's a thought!
Wowie, Eric -- you look furry happy waitin around in that tree! I hope you have some birdie visiturs soon!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Rosie--Awwww, my caramul stud muffin is wayting hi in the tree fur me to arrive with my jetpak! I'm coming, my appul dumplin!

Cheeto--Yer such a conseesid gerlcat, rosie. He's obbveyuslie wayting to pownse on feevur introdurs in the tree and sneak attak mowsies frum above.

Rosie--No, my neopolotin swirl ice creem treet is on the lukowt fur me! Now if yull leeve me alone, cheeto, I've got to prep my temptatshun travul bag.
Haha, what better place for a bird stake out! Happy WW
Wow, you are up in a tree! That looks like a great spot to watch for birdies!
Dearest Eric,
You is one ferocious boy cat...them birdies had better watch out!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Gee Eric, I wonder what you were doing up there???
MomBean snorted her water out her nose-good work!!
GASP! Oh my goodness! How'd yoo do dat? Yoo look so natural up in dat tree. We don't know if yoo look more like a Tiger or a squirrel up dare. Dat's one of da best cat photos we efur seen. Yoo need to submit it somewhere.
Dat is a gud place to hide and wait furr da birdies and den yu can juss scoop em up...

That's a good place to look for birds!
Eric, you picked the perfect spot to watch for da birds. Great Photo!

Mindy & Moe
I never saw that photo before! I am glad you showed it again, because it's a great one. Did any birds come by when you were up there?
"Help! I'm stuck!"

Great shot!
How'd you get up there?
Wowie kazowie! I've never climbed a tree before!
What a cutie, just hanging out - Happy WW :-)
Wow I'm amazed you balanced on the tree limb so well! I hope you were rewarded with a birdie.

I just read your comment. You were still a pretty big boy then. Great balancing, Eric!
That reminds us of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland!

Except it looks like you're about to dunk your tail into that birdie-feeder, Eric. Hahaha.
Your mum is right Eric - that's a great picture!

Looks like it's a good spot for bird, um "watching"!
My furst time visitin and I'm impress't. I gotta get me one of them birdy trees. What a grate thing you gots thare!
WOW this is the coolest picture ever! I wish I was up a tree too!
Yup, yoo could just scoop da birdies right into yoor mouf from der.
Oh sneaky!!!!!! Waiting for lunch? Hahahahaha!!!!
Purrs Mickey
Wow, Eric, look at you! You are very clever to get right up there in the tree with the birdies food!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
Wow Eric you are really high up there - don't you get scared?

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
wow that looks so fun! we only have one tree. i haven't gotten in it yet but i plan to soon. the other cats have been in it. last thanksgiving kira cat got stuck in a tree in the farmers field for 6 days. she was very thin and weak when she finally figured out how to get down. my human tried everything to help get her down but the tree wasn't climable. the vet said she could only last ten days without water if she was healthy when she went up there. glad she made it cause she was pregnant. maybe that's why the kitties were messed up when she had them.

did you see i replaced geralds picture with my own!! he's gonna kill me when he comes out of his coma!
Wow Eric! You look bigger than the branch! It must be a very strong branch.
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