Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Tummy Tuesday and Award.

We got this Toadally Awesome award furrom Jimmy Joe. Fanks JJ we reely preesheate it. We would like to send it on to Sassy cuz we fink all her great avenchurs and travels all over the world, (and in Space) are awesome. As today is Tummy Tuesday, here are not one but two pikchurs of my tummy waiting furr a tickle.

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You have very very adorable tummy and toes for sure~~~ I love seeing them so much~!
Congratulations on your awards~~
YOU have the most adorrrrrabibble tummy ever and your toes.... I want to nibble on them.

I am so happy that you got this awardie because you are toadally awesome :-)

You're pretty brave to lay around with your tummy in the air..my mom doesn't tickle, she SNORGLES my belly! She loves it, but I just think she's weird.
hmmmm. I like the idea of a tummy tuesday!
sink little fingers into all that fuzz!
Uh oh, I see my human coming in with the fingers to rub that tummy.

Congrats on your award!
Awww ... how cute! Congrats on the award - you both *are awesome!
congrats-well desurved yoo handsum mancats (Flynn and my chokolate fudgesicle Eric). And Grr is vary lucky to have a mancat with such a snuggulie belly!!
Awwww Flynnie thems nice picturez of you. You is having a very photogenic week.
That is a very inviting tummy pose!
Seriously, dude. How do be such a big mancat and still look so dang cute at the same time?
Ahh what a lovely tum.
All ready for a lovely rub.
Tum rub rub.
Rub rub tum.
You two are such cuties. I still, however, cannot tell you apart. I hope that both of you got your tummies rubbed, who could resist if they saw you. Also I want to thank you for giving me the Your Toadally Awsome Award, it is always such an honor to receive these awards and I so happy that you thought of me. I am going to proudly display the award on my blog and will soon post about this great honor. Again thank you so much.
our mom wantsta just go tickle-tickle-tickle all ofur that bellie!!! she'd love to snorgle it, too, but she'd sneeze herself alla way back to americky.
I LOVE to lie like that. Doesn't it feel nice to stretch? Nice white tummy!

Toadally kyooot. Maw would snorgle dat tummbly.

Luf, Us
Yup. Those tummys are definately waiting for a rub and I know someone who would be happy to rub them for you!
oh flynn you are so cute!

smiles, auntie bee
Wow that tummy is worthy of two pictures - it's that cute!

Congratulations on you award!
Congratulations on your award!

Flynn, my mommy wants to teleport over there and give your tummy kisses.
Concats on your award!

All I can say is 'tickle tickle"

Jinkies! That tummy sure is begging for a tickle.
A very lovely white furry tummy demanding a rub and a tickle! Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub!!!!!!!!!! Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Congratulations on your Award!

My Mummy says if she was at your house she would have to snorgle your tummy, it is irresistable!
how could your mommy resist that tummy?? uh oh! mommy is reaching for the screen to tickle yours!
Tickle Tickle!
you ARE waiting for a tickle too! It's so obvious! hahaha! gorgeous photos x
You have a beautiful tummy! Congrat's on your award.
We want to thank you for visiting us to let us know our picture was still there.

HUGS~ Ernie's Voice, Chancy & Jake
Congratulations on your award!

I hope your Mum didn't make you wait too long for a tickle, Flynn ;-)
Awwwww, Flynn! You've got such a wunnerful tum! I hope yur momma gave you lots of good tickles, snuggles, and snorgles!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh I hope that fine tummy got a huge belly rub!!!! It would in this house,heeheehee!!!!!
You guys are Toadally Awesome too ;)
Purrs Mickey
Oh man, you've got Mom going "awwwwwwwwww" and wanting to rub your belly. As long as she doesn't get ideas about mine, I guess it's ok. hehehe Great pix bud,
~~the Pepster
Dude, my mom wants to snorggle on yoor tummy...is dat allowed? When I do dat pose she calls me kissy paws and wants to kiss my tummy and paws!~Speedy
Congratulations on your award! Well-deserved because you guys ARE toadally awesome. And so is your tummy, Flynn!

Rocky & staff

You look so adorable...

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