Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easy like Sunday

Please do not call me right now. I'm snoozing and the phone makes a good pillow.

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Nice floffy tummy there. Hope the phone doesn't ring either. It would blast your ears out.
me too! happy easter! hope you get some good treats...

smiles, auntie bee
Oah, Eric,
So so adorable you are~!!!!
Ask your beans pull of the cable line, or the phone rings will very noisy~!!!!
i slept with my head on the phone once. it rang and nearly gave me a heart attack! you look very comfy!!

OK -- no phone calls from us. Besides, we're going to be busy taking a nap too.

Have you had any snow down there? It snowed here yesterday and the woman was so cold that she had to get the hot water bottle out.
If we were nearby we'd stay clear, because if that phone rings and you jump, we bet your claws would be out too! We hope you have a Happy Easter.
It would be most interesting to see what happened if the phone vibrated rather than ringing...
That really would be a rude awakening!

Can MomBean rub your tum?
Oh, we hopes da fone dunt ring neifur. Dat wood be loud.

Luf, Us
Ya wanna know what is really bad? I'll tell ya.
Mine mombean has a really little phone that she carries in the pocket of her jeans. One time I was sitting on her lap and it went off! I jumped so high! I's scratched her too, but she didn't get mad at me. She said she was sorry that I got so .... umm ... upset, yeah, not scared, upset.
That telephone does not look very relaxing to sleep on! When the telephone rings, I RACE away as fast as I can go.
Eric, there must be a better place to place your head and body ... like on a nice warm heating pad that your beans provide you with ... hee hee!
Happy Easter!
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
I wish I had a place to get that relaxed without getting disturbed.
Oh, you look soooooooo comfycozyfloofy! What an adorabble pickshure.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
nice floofy tummy! my baby brothar Figaro is growing out hiw tummy too, I thinks it is not quite so big and floofy yet though but he is workin on it
I'm taking my jetpak ovur thares rite now to find the "Doo Not Desturb my floofie angul cake" button on that ringy fone!
Happy Easter!
Hope yoor mom turned da ringer off on da phone! Happy Easter!
Willow and I certainly hope that your phone didn't ring! But that does look like a nice resting spot and of course, we love seeing your floofy tummy!

Willow and I hope that all of you had a Happy Easter Day!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
I certainly won't call you. I hope the phone doesn't ring until you have finished with your nap. That would be a very rude awakening. I love your floofy tummy.
Happy Easter!
What a great place to snooze! How did the beans feel about you being right in front of the computer?
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