Saturday, March 29, 2008


Our Ham Mick

We won Forty Paws raffle furr the Meezers and got this great Ham Mick. I fink I'll try it out and haf a wash. Yep, it's nice and comfy furr washing my toes. And it's good furr washing my tummy too.
Fanks Forty Paws, it's a great Ham Mick.
Hey where did this come furrom?
Wow what's that I can smell? Mum sez it's a Dorf smell. I don't know what she means by that, but it is a furry inchresting smell.
Oh yes! I like this. It's furry comfy, and look there's a quality sirtiffykit signed by Dorfington Fish Stanley. That must be the Dorf smell mum wuz telling me about.
This is the life. I love this Ham Mick. Tell you what Flynn, you can haf the vishus deer furrs all to yourself, this is MY bed cuz it sez purrfect cat on it and that's me. You got that?
Flynn do you remember that you didn't want to share our nip crowns? Well I'm not sharing the Ham Mick.
Here's a short video clip of me inspecting it.

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Wat grate pitchurs! We luf da wun ov Eric wid his feet hangin off and lookin up wid sheer bliss on his widdle face. Awwwww. It matches yur furs bery gud.

Looks like we mite need to send Flynn his own Ham Mick.

Luf, Us
Gosh those hammock pictures were gorgeous!
Wow, that's a great Ham Mick you guys got! But where's the HAM?
Your hammock looks fabulous, and it really matches both your furs! :) It looks like you are both really enjoying it!
Maybe the smell is the "ham" from the ham-mick.
Oh my gosh, that is the coolest Ham Mick we have ever seen! Greta prize guys. Have a wonderful weekend!
Your FL furiends,
Wow, what a great hamhock! Yoo guys really look like yoo is enjoying it, well, at least Eric is...poor Flynn.
nice! furry nice! does the ham mick have ham?

smiles, auntie bee
Eric, you are an excellent Ham Mick inspector!

That hammock fits you perfectly, Eric! It's like it was made just with you in mind :-D
ooooh - it's purrfect an just the right colors for you boys! we want one too...or 5...
That is a very nice ham mick. Where is you hiding the ham though? It is under the ham mick? I do not seeee it.
What a great hammock! You were lucky winners.
wow that hammock looks pawsome! I want one! x
What a great hammock! It looks very comfy, and the colors are perfect with your furrs.
lucky you! That is one nice hammock!
You sure did one fine job of 'spectin' that Ham Mick. We is very impressed.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Wow! That is a very pretty and neat Ham Mick!! I like it a lot!

~ Noah
What a great Ham-ick and it matches your furs so nicely!
Eric, that is one neat Ham Mick! It seems like you really like it.
Eric, I hat to admit it, but I am jealous! That Ham Mick looks purrfect and with Dorf's smell on it? Oh Oh Oh!
That is a nice prize, what a perfect place to rest upon. You are so funny not sharing, ha, ha,ha. I bet as soon as you get off of it someone else will be on it, you better watch out. Oh, I tagged for two for a meme stop on over and check it out.
Eric certainly looks content on that ham mick. Perhaps now that I am sick and have to stay indoors I can ask SS to get me one.
You look great in this wonderful "ham mick"! Love the video!
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