Monday, March 24, 2008


Mancat Monday

Dad has started playing wiv Frankie. I am not amused. As a mancat. I haf had to remind dad that he plays wiv me, not live fev-vers. I hope dad duzn't do this again or I may haf to take drastic akkshun.

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It's so wonderful to see you walking off into the sunrise with your dad!
Hahahahahaha!!!! Iz dat Frankie da Fezz-ant????? Iz dat what I tink it iz? Doze fezz-ants you guyz broughts to da partee lastee night...are dey related to Frankie?? Wow! Den da fezz-ants are bigger den chix-henz.
PS: I lovez your farm. Da momee here iz da frustrated farmer of da fambly.
She lostee her farm through a bad dee-vorce 30 yearz ago & haz missed it evfur since. Now she works fur da Agriculture deepartmint...dat iz silly. She iz not gettin' anudder farm by doin' dat!
Da mostee we gots now iz 3/4 of an acurr...& justee a bunch of vishus vegan deerz & coyotes & rack-coonz & naughty squirrelzez. Well, da occashunal big birdz dat pray & den some Canada goozez too.
She'z got us cats thoguh, so I don't no what she'z complainin' bouts.
(Sorry I went off on tan-gent!)
Dr Tweety
eric do you think dad is getting frankie for you???

smiles, auntie bee
You show you are the one for your daddy~!!!
Very good!
But I think you put them in their places. Still this creates such a lot of work for you!
is that pheasant? i love pheasant parmesan. you should eat it then dad won't play with it anymore. you could have had it for easter dinner. we had goat. yum. thanks for visiting me today! you look cute walking of with dad. so fun to be outside! i told my human about the treats. she says she will get me some to try tomorrow when she is at the store. i hope they are good.

Awwww, I love the video! I think Frankie wants to be friends. Bird-brain, doesn't he know you're a cat?!! Hope you're all having a great Easter:) xxx
Eric - what's up with Frankie? He seems quite tame, a little too tame for his own good! And your Dad was playing with him!
I really liked the part where you were walking with your Dad. That was very sweet!
what a great video! mom loves the end when you walk off wif you dad - very hollywood!
WE LOVED dis video. I juss knew yu wuz gonna come and save yur Daddy frum dat fez-zant. I cood tell he needed yur help. YU were mar-voo-less in comin to da rescoo. I hopes yu dont have to take moore drasstik ma-sures...

Oh my! Maybe your dad is trying to get him to be more friendly with you guys, so you can have fun with the pheasant? We saw that you came and chased the pheasant away, Eric.
ahahaha you certainly showed that stupid bird who is boss in your house! What on earth was your human thinking of, playing with cat food?

I love how you two walked off into the sunset. Adorable! x
Your dad is playing with Frankie?!?!?!

He must be confused. He's YOUR daddy, not Frankie's.
You sure showed Frankie who's boss Eric!

Our Mommy thought you walking with your dad was just about the cutest thing she's ever seen!
Good job chasing that fev-ver away, Eric! I really liked the ending where you walked away into the sunset together with your dad. That made my heart feel warm inside.
You showed that birdie he could not play with your daddy! ~Queen Snickers
You caught your Dad fev-ver handed!!!! Great Mancat job in sending the live fev-ver packing too!!!
It should be just the mancat & his man :)
Well done Eric!
Purrs Mickey
Oh my foodness! That is one wonderful picture of you and your Daddy walking away from that birdie! Hahahahahhahaha = we are loving this so much!!!!!!!!

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
That was such a cool video to watch with you and your daddy and the big old birdy! It looks so peaceful there ... thanks for sharing!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Well, that Frankie is not going to sit on your Dad's lap and make biscuits for him, so I don't think you need to worry about your Dad playing with Frankie. As a matter of fact, I think Frankie should be very afraid of you ;-)
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