Monday, March 10, 2008


Mancat Monday

One of the good things about being able to go outdoors furr walks is that you can pee like a real mancat. Only thing is you haf to remember you're not still outdoors when you go in your litterbox again. Mum's don't like it much if you furrget yourself. I only did it once and I wuz so embarrassed I didn't do it again.

Notice the back leg movement, that is furry impawtunt to get that right. You don't want to get wet paws.

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sometimes sarge pees outside when we are in podunk but not here in west palm beach cause we are not in the woods here and they don't like it if you pee in the street...

smiles, auntie bee
Hmm, yeah, I know what you're talking about, buddy. I actually prefer to pee in the inside latrine, and I usually come to the window to ask Momma to let me in, but sometimes in the summer when it's pretty and we're all outside, well, sometimes you just gotta go. I like to pee in mulch cuz it's lots of fun to scratch it up!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Thanks for the great tip on learning how to pee while standing like a mancat...
But you are so lucky to be outside and in that sun!!!!
EXCELLENT, Flynn!!!!!!
You are the manest of the mancat!!!!
I LOVE the photo you pee that way!!!
oh wow, yoo have a grate outdoor pee teknique! -cheeto
Very impressive! Much better than using a litterbox!
Guys are you getting the weather down there in Devon it's horrible here in Sussex? I just saw a small dog blown backwards down the street - lucky it was on a lead. FAZ
Ya no, girl cats will pee like that also. Most beans don't think they do, but they do. Jenny used to do it when she was indoor/outdoor.

Luf, Us
Absolutely... peeing outside is the ultimate. Do you spray too? I've heard that's very manly.

Oh - and Pee.S. (No pun intended) - Don't pee into the wind today!!!
You mancats so so funny! I didn't know that there was two ways to go potty, one for outside and one for inside. You sure can learn a lot by blogging.
I had hard time teaching my tuxie son indoor litter box manners. He just liked to pee standing up! ~Queen Snickers
Wow you are so luckee

Ping and Jinx
I want to pee outside!
It seems like it'd be hard to remember to pee differently, depending upon whether you're inside or outside. You must be very smart, Flynn!

Good luck to you and Eric at the V E T today. I hope neither of you get tortured there :-0
You mean like in marking in your territory. Ladycats mark their territories too, it just doesn't stink as badly as mancats markings do.
Great job!

Since I'm never allowed outside, I just have to pretend when I'm in the litterbox. *sigh*
This is very educational for those of us guys (like me and Max) who are held prisoner, against our will, indoors.

I do it both ways, too! But my litterbox has a cover over it, so if I do make a mistake in it and pee standing up, it just hits the inside of the litterbox wall so it doesn't matter too much, it stays in the box!
Oh I think I'd be good at this as I always shake my back paw when I'm done!!

Yep, I've forgotten before, there is a difference between outside and the litter box. Mommy wasn't very happy to have to clean the wall!
I have never peed outside, it looks like it might be fun!
Flynn, you are the absolute master of the mancat pee pose!
Thank you for coming to my very first Carnival of the Cats. I had so much fun, I'm going to host more Carnivals in the future!

Zippy pees outside alla time, I saw her doin it from da kitchen window just this afternoon. She don't stand up tho and when she was done der was a hole in da snow she went on!
hmmmm, that art of peeing, interesting ~the Fluffy Tribe
hmmmmmm. I may have to talk Mom into getting me a mancat so I can see this for myself.
One of the many arts a mancat has to master!

Purrs from the SnowForest family :)
hehe, you look like yur havin a great time, peein like a mancat! and that's purrfeckt paw pozzishun!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh, *giggle*! I'm afraid I don't know too much about peeing like a mancat.

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Hello Flynns,
Nice to meets you, I found your bloggy link on 100 top blogs. IT is cool you go outside. It is too cold for us to go outside where we live right nows.
We actually use the human toilet for peeings, at least I do , my brother likes to use the floors because he is not so smart. Maybe you can teach hims.
I am recently new on the internets. My bloggy is at

You should visits me, I have not many cat friends at the moments.

PS: Eric & Flynn, I am passing on a special award created by Tesla! It is in recognition of your mousie hunting skills.
Oh my Mom is really hoping this doesn't give us ideas... we make enough mess as is.
Hee hee! We didn't know kittys peed like that! Only Titus (and sometimes Daddy) pee outside around here. hee hee

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