Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Making biscuits

When dad gets in furrom a hard days work, there's nuffin he likes better than a good tummy massage.

I wuzn't sposed to post today, but I told mum I wuz fed up wiv Flynn keep getting his mug all over the blog. I said "What's up wiv me?" She said it's cuz Flynn takes cuter pikchurs than me. Well I don't fink that's fair do you?

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I think you're both very photogenic. FAZ
Eric,it's good to see you get some facetime :)!!
You look like you were having a grand time makin' biscuits on yer Dad!! That's the sign of a happy boy,heeheehee
Were your nails short? heehee
Purrs Mickey
nope, not fair at all! you is cute!!!

smiles, auntie bee
No, dat's not fair, Eric. We think you is furry cute. And a furry talented biscuit maker, too. You should demand equal bloggy time.
Hahahaha~~~~ You are so cute!!!!
Really at the first begining I though you are standing on your daddy's lap and massage his tummy. And turn out you are sitting on your daddy's chest~!!!!
I think my eyes have problems, now I have to fix my eyes!
Eric you are very photogenic and you make excellent, hefty biscuits on your Dad. Making biscuits is a real art you know.
Eric, we have the same problem. Mommy says that Tybalt takes better pictures, which is why she has so many more pictures of him than us! Unfair!

~Holly and Ivy
Nope, not fair at all!!! You both are very handsome mancats. And man can you give a tummy massage!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
I love to make biscuits too! Legs are the bestest!!!

I say you are both equally cute! You made some good biscuits, I am certain your dad enjoyed that. Also, it was nice of you to give him a good view of your Spot #13.
What a mean thing for your mommy to must punish her!

We had a hard time figurin' out where your dad's face was in the video...then, when the close-up zoomed in, we knowed you had it just right...puttin' your butt smack dab in their faces is the correct thing to do.

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
It's only fair Eric - and you look very cute making biscuits!
Old mean blogger would not let me see your video...poo on blogger.

Ha, ha, ha....that is so cute. I like how you kept you bum in your Dad's face the whole time and we couldn't even see your Dad's face until the very, very end of the video : )
That is a very thorough massage Eric. You can almost post this as a training video!
Mrs. OZ
You give excellent massages, Eric. I don't think I can agree with your Mum saying Flynn takes cuter pictures - I have to disagree with that. But you do make better movies than Flynn ;-) Keep it up and you'll be a big movie star!
Wait just a second she saying Flynn is more handsome than you and deserves more pictures?! Our Mom decided that George is the most handsome harlequin guy and I'm the most handsome tuxie guy, but how did your Mom decide?

Max S

PS Just so you know, our Mom thinks you're both equally handsome
It better if you use claws while doing that. I see you have your butt in your Dadbean's face. My bean always takes exception to having my butt her face, I do not know why.
Eric, Mum says she likes to see videos of you both, but she secretly prefers you.
It's very important to keep one's bum in the face of the human as much as possible.
That is a great video of you!! Ya'lls prize is in the air!
You are both cute and photogenic. We like seeing both of you.

I like doing that to SS but her tummy is not big enough to fit me and I fall off after a little while or just sit on her.
I did get the bids that were on the fev-vers! Grandpa bean gave them to me from his last hunting trip and left birdy bits on them! It was all dried out like birdy jerky. Momma went ewww but was happy I cleaned off the fev-vers, she used the pretty long ones in costumes she makes after they dried off. :) ~Queen Snickers
Eric, you are a very accomplished biscuit maker - we're impressed! And I bet your dad appreciates such nice stree-relieving massages.

Rocky & staff
Luna here: I love making biscuits, too! And my dad seems to really appreciate it.
Great biscuit-makin', Eric. And it's really funny how you keep your butt in your daddy's face the whole time!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Eric, did your mom REALLY say that, to your face? That's just not right coming from your mom and all. I didn't think they were allowed to compare us to one another. Now I'm curious about how I rank in my mother's eyes. I need to go have a talk with her.

Oh yeah, I agree with everyone else who says you're both awesome. You are an excellent biscuit maker. Your dad is a very lucky man.
Flynn is vary handsum, but yoo are supur handsum, my chokolate eklair.

And as fur yer lady spreading lies- well yoo better not share ANY of yer freshlie made biskits with hur!!

Plus--We wure meant fur eachothur cause my lady says she takes more piktures of Cheeto cause he's lighter than me so thares no flashy thing needed. Dark hared diskrimination if yoo ask me!!! -rosie
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