Saturday, March 01, 2008



There's a mousie behind here. I can hear it and I can smell it, BUT I CAN'T GET AT IT!!

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I can see you dig very hard, also I can see Flynn's tail. He must be go other angle to doing the search~~~~~

I hope you got the mouse in the end!!
get that mowsie my caramul appul with nut sprinkuls!!!
Thems tricky them wee mousies. You'll be catching lots soon.
That is very frustrating! I never knew mice were so sneaky. It looks like Flynn ran away and did not even help.
don't worry, you'll get it next time honey!

smiles, auntie bee
You two make a very good team!
Oh no now this really is frustrating!!
Hope you get a chance to get the mousie tho!
mm frustration indeed. you certainly look like you are diligently working at getting the mouse. I am sure you will find a way! Where there is a will etc xx
It'll come owt sooner or later. We haf faith dat yoo will conquer da mousie.
What a rude mouse to hide from you like that!
Bad mouse, hiding from you like that!!!!
Did yoo try telling da mousie dat yoo just wanted to play? I think dat works fur Zippy.
Duzn't dat jist git yur goat?

Luf, Us
I always enjoy your movies, Eric :-D I'm sorry you couldn't get at that mousie.
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