Friday, March 07, 2008


Freaky Friday

Mum!!!! What are you doing to me? Stop messing wiv my cullers, I'm sposed to be a Gorgeous Ginger, not all silly cullers. You've been playing wiv picnik again haven't you.

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All dose colors are nice but noffig is as cute as yur real cullers. Hmmm. Can we call yoo cute? Handsome is prolly better. Yup yur natural cullers is da bestest.
Flynn, those are the things we have to contend with. Our beans must amuse themselves and it's usually at our expense! I must say though, those pics look pretty good. That's because of the great subject matter!!! :)
Purrs Mickey
Poor Flynnie. We're sorry your Mum is playing with your pictures. Hang in there dude.

Luf, Us
I think you look best in your real colors too. I hate it when my human changes my colors!
That is kind of neat...
But you look best as a Ginger boy!
Those are fun pictures - it's only today that you're blue, you'll always be a gorgeous ginger!
now that's interesting. i like you the normal way though. gerald said you guys paid a visit. it always brightens up my day when i hear that. thanks cuties!

Those are some very wild and crazy cullers!
I dunno, i know of like the blue one. But blue like my favorite color, so...
Wow, the blue one looks really neat, but I have to agree - you look your best as a Gorgeous Ginger!
yur gorgeous no matter what yur mom duz to yur pictures! didja see what Diamond Emerald-Eyes did fur me on yesterday's House Panther post? a whole collage of ME!
I like what your Mum did with your colors, Flynn :-)
Oh Flynn, don't be blue! But you do look sorta cool man.
Flynn da blu kitty! Empress
Flynn, you got the blues? Cheer up, buddy!

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