Friday, March 21, 2008


Flynn and Frankie

Frankie Fezzunt keeps hanging around and duzn't seem scared of me. I followed him all the way down to the field and told him not to come back. He comes back efurry day though just to sit on our fence and annoy us. The video clip is cut short cuz the battery in mum's flashy box went flat.It's noisy too cuz it wuz furry windy, and then dad's phone started ringing.

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I'm first? :D

Does fezzunt taste like chicken?
Well he wasn't a furry friendly fezzant now wuz he? Yu did a grate jobbie of gettin him outta yur yard dough...

Purrs and
Happy Easter
Wow, what a cool birdie! He wasn't very friendly. Nice job chasing him out of your yard.
Good boy, Flynn!
Keep that birdie out of your territory!
That looks like a very brave bird, and you are even braver!!

~ The Bunch
Boy, that's one bird that doesn't take a hint real well!
Nice job escorting him off of the premises!
What a brazen bird!! I mean, really, no fear from such a fierce hunter?

Flynn you almost GOT him! I do not know why he is not scairt of you.
Me thinks you need to chase him more energetically -- like with a run and a jump. That would really scare him!
We think yoo need to play pounce Frankie, he looks furry tasty!
Thats a cool video! I like pheasants! YUMMY! ~Queen Snickers
KC said...
O, be still, mine heart.
O, to be that close to that big, joocy, fev-very bird. Yum. i's can almost taste 'em.
Send him over mine way, please.
Purrs, KC
Why is you turnin' down free delivery dinner?!
I am sooooo jealous!!!!!!!

you gotta get Eric in on this too. one of you kin herd that big fev-ver, then the other POUNCE!
Frankie is as big as you! Good job of chasing him out of your domain.

Luf, Us
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