Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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Gasp! Oh my goodness. How absolootley beautiful. Gives dem kisses frum us.
pretty horsies. Mum wishes she could come visit and pet them.
It's not easy to see horses from here~! They are really beautiful!
How purrrty. Hey, if dey ist Arabians, are da gurls not allowed to drive?

Luf, Us
You have lovely horsie friends!
Thanks for voting on my site!! You should enter your cat in my next tournament! You could win some cash! =) Anyway round 1 is over. Round 2 starts today, I hope you vote again.
Those are beautiful Arabians! My mom is SO jealous. Arabians are one of her favourite horse breeds! She loves them. She's taken riding lessons most of her life, but she's never owned a horse. She has to be satisfied with a weekly dressage lesson at a local riding school.
WOWY - how furry lucky they all are to each have their furry own studio apartments (flats)!
THey are so beautiful! Happy WW
Oh nice horsies. Does you have one each?
I love horses! thanks for sharing
Those are some lovely horses.
Sunny gave Eric and Flynn and award today. Come look!
Look at dos BIG horsies...

Dose arr furry puurrrrty horsies. Mommie jus ooohhhhed an awwweed wen she seen dem.
Oh my paws and whiskers . . . HORSIES!!!! And such pretty ones!
HORSIES! I want to go for a ride! Let's all jump on their backs and go for a ride!
What beauties!!! ::nose kisses::

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Yeah so Snappy wants to come live in your barn! She thinks your horses have such nice stalls and are actually clean. She says Meowmy slacks and only goes out once a week to clean her in the winter. Plus she could boss some new horses around and that's her most favoritest thing ever.

Them horsies look ready to run!!!
Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
I love horses but am a-scared to get to close to them!
Those are very beautiful horses! Do you ever get to jump on their backs? Do they belong to you? Do they have names? I am a little bit curious.
We didn't know you had horse friends! They are beautiful!
hi horsie horsie! what's up?

check out mine too

Out of Words

Oh we like horses! Great picture!
Great shot! Beautiful horses!
Wowie, I've never seen such a sight! Are those beauties yours? Do they ever try to nip at you? Their mouths are a bit large.
I wanna ride to one of that pretty horses. Happy WW!
Nice horsies!
Beautiful horses :)
They're so stunning!
Your friends are very big :-0
Whoa, Mom loves these horses. So beautiful. Are they on your property??

Beautiful horses and what a well kept stable! SS used to ride with her father when he was alive but not any more and she misses it. I have never seen any real horses.
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