Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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That ginger has seen better days...
Oh dear, what has happened to you guys?
That's what happens when you haf too much "liquid human nip"! Trust us...that's what owr Momma looked like on Sunday morning after a Mardi Gras party!
~Meeko & Kiara
wow, it doesn't look like ginger kitty wants to share!
Say, *hic*, who's yoor good looking frend?
Oh iz you guyz hittin' da sauce???
I haz made up a wine so dat we can haz sumpin' speshul on da V-Day Cruize.
You should bring alongz dis stuff dat da nice stuffed kitty haz drunk all up.
I yam sorry dat I haz not been commentin' when I yam vizitin.' I haz been readin, & da momee iz full of excusez, like she is too stressed at work anymore, blah dee blah dee blah!
Ptooey on dat I say!
We like your friend. He looks like a fun kinda guy.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Whoa, you drank yourself stuffie!
I'd say it's the stuffed ginger kitty. Is there something important he's celebrating that we should know about? Or maybe he's just celebrating hump day?
Whoose yur furfriend?

That stuffie, he had too much to drink!
heh heh

O no! Is that kitty drunk?
Uh Oh, are you two trying to get that nice fluffy kitty drunk?
He's had too much stuffie. Step away from the bottle. And don't spill it.
Oh my . . . a tippling ginger kitty!
Haha, someone looks "suitably refreshed" Happy WW
Amazingly that ginger's eyes are still open. Hmmm. Maybe Eric and Flynn secretly "helped" him.
Oh, how sad. We never would have suspected if he hadn't gotten caught hugging the bottle. So sad he went bad.

jans funny farm
A little too much Mardi Gras?
You boys really know how to show a girl a good time.
Too funny, reminds me of the kittie at Charlie's party awhile back. If I can find that photo I will e-mail it to ya. Oh guess what????!!!! I am so proud of the mom of the house, even though she isn't feeling well today she made a trip to the post office and your winnings for the Sassy Momo Adventure are in the MAIL!!!!!! I e-mailed you other information but wanted to leave a message for ya on your blog as I am never sure of the black hole monster eating the messages I send out. Hope you like everything in the package!!!!! Sent all the way from the United States to the United Kingdom how cool is that????!!!!!!
Hi you crazy cats, just stopping by cause I heard something about spirits...looks like somebody's already hit the bottle!

Muahahahaha! Fantasctic camouflage...
Hope you guyz iz gonna come on da cruize. I tinks dere are gonna be a BUNCH of singull lady cats. WOWZA!!! (Oh..& wine of course.)
Datz hilarious!

Luf, Us
This comment has been removed by the author.
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The ginger kitty has a faraway look in the eyes
Nothing wrong with relaxing at the end of a stressful day-Slainte!
Didn't your mother ever teach you to drink responsibly?!
Wondering if your puter is workin or still given ya the problems. I did a post on the catblogosphere so your friends would know what is up.
That's one handsome ginger stranger ...
We miss you Eric & Flynn!! We hope your computer gets fixed soon!
Your FL furiends,
I miss you Eric & Flynn~!
Waiting the date you are back!
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