Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wordless Wednesday - Summer and Winter.

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oh, the green view is vary romantik, my chokolat soooflay!
And the wintur view luks like its purrfekt cuddul weathur, my Carmel appul dumplin!
Wowie, both furry beeyootiful pickshures, but furry diffrunt! I enjoyed both of 'em.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Nice comparison of how things look from season to season. I prefer the summer version!
Wow, beautiful pictures. I love them both, but my favorite is summer!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Wowww...this is quite of change~!!!
MotherNature is really amazing!
I love the view from your home. What a lovely place.
What a nice view of the country. You both lives in a very pretty part of the youkay.

Poppy Q
I like the summer picture best :-)

I hope all of you are okay over there. I heard you had a big earthquake.
Wow! That's a big difference.

Did you guys feel the earth move?

Luf, Us
beautiful contrast! happy ww!
I prefer summer ! Really !
Love the four seasons and this illustrates very well why. Great captures
wow this is pretty.the same view different seasons.perfect! HAPPY WW

check out mine too,they're up now;
Fragile Hand
Chocolate Boy
What a contrast! Beautiful photos. :) have a grate home.

That is beautiful landscape, irregardless of the season!
It sure is pretty where you live. I wish we had changing seasons. It is almost always the same weather where I live. Boring! Except the hurricanes. Those are not boring.
Cool photos, thanks for sharing. Mine is up at 4SeasonsOfMYlife. Hope you can visit me too.
Gorgeous in any season!
they're both furry purrty, but we think we like the warm one better!
Lovely views, I prefer the lush summer one though!
YOu have a very very lovely view of a beautiful world. WOW
Kind of like our yard - very different from one season to the next! Lovely pictures!
I think its amazing but the LL almost thinks the winter one is prettier. They are both really beautiful, Snap SO wishes she could live there.

Summer is definitly better. Doesn't look like yoo guys get as much snow as us tho...
Nice pikturs both of them. We loved Eric's rolling in the video ~ looks as if he was having lots of fun - those barn pikturs were very adorable too :)
What a beautiful wordless Wednesday. Mom loves to see the pictures of your place.

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