Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

I was having a lovely roll in the dirty part of the field where dad goes in and out wiv his tractor.Mum told me I would haf to be cleaned up when we went back indoors. I don't care though cuz it wuz a reely good roll.

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Oah Eric~!
I can see you have a HAPPY HAPPY roll~!!! Must be very comfy~!

Have a wonderful day!
That sure looked like a fun thing to do. I just hope that you didn't have to have a bath or anything like that.
You are enjoying that so much - makes me want to roll in the dirt, too!
Oh, there is nothing like a good roll in the dirt!
I hopes you guyz tracked in lots o' mud & cow poo. Dis iz only reazonabull. I LOVE you.
-Dr Tweety
oh my canolli filling topped with a layur of dirt, yer such a rolling athlette!
luv, rosie
Wow, Eric, you are really enjoying that roll! You have a lovely tummy! We can imagine you must have had lots of dirt on you after that wonderful roll!
I never got to roll in dirt. It looks like lots and lots of good fun! It does not look like too much dirt stuck to your furs.

Your mom always sounds so nice on your movies.
Ahhhhh! A good roll in the dirt is so much fun!
The only one of us that ever gots to roll in the dirt was Felix 'cause he useta live on the streets. It looks like FUN!!! We wanna do it! We wanna do it! We wanna do it, too!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Eric, that roll looks like it felt very, very good!
I'd love to do that!
The dirtier the kitty the better the rollin'!
Eric, you make rolling in the dirt look like such FUN!
I have never seen dirt before but it sure looks like a lot of fun to roll around in almost as good as a nip roll...

You look like you are really enjoying that dirt. It looks so soft. How did you get cleaned up? I hope it wasn't a water bath...
Oh no..not the towel. I've heard that before! You look like you were really having a big time rolling around in that dirt!

Happy dirt rolling!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat

PS I loved hearing your mom on the video!
I like rolling in the dirt too, and my human always says I must get cleaned up before I come into the house. However, being black, it's really hard to her to tell if I got all the dirt off or not, so sometimes I sneak in when I'm really dusty!
Shouldn't you have rolled in the hay?
That rolling looks super fun. I get it felt good on your back!
That looks like a lovely roll! We do that outside all the time, except now, with all the snow - we can't wait for spring!
Ooo, that looks like a great dirt roll.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
even our Lady thinks that looks like it feels good! we liked your Mum's voice too!

was the towel ::shudder:: WET?
Getting cleaned up by Mom would be OK after a nice roll like that!!!
Purrs Mickey
Oh, nothing feels as good a roll in nice dirt. Hope it din't mean yoo hadda get wetted.
Looks like you had lots of fun, but I hope you didn't have to get a bath :-0
Looks like you were having a good ole time rolling in that dirt!
ohhh i would luf to do that too!!!

smiles, auntie bee
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