Saturday, February 23, 2008


Rolling around and awards.

A couple of days ago Sunny gave us the E for Excellent award. When we wuz going to post about it today, mum sed she remembered that we had other awards befurr we lost our innernets connekshun. She looked it up in her book and saw that we had this award furrom Sassy and Yao-lin too .We're sorry we took so long to post it. We are passing it on to ten other kitties.We know that most of them haf probly already had this award, but that duzn't mean we can't give it to them too.
We give it to:
1.Adan, because he always is so caring furr every cat, and we like to learn about life in a different country.
2.The Meezers, because we love going to read their blog cuz we know they will make us laff,and we have learnt how yummy ham is, and how to be an expert whapper.
3.Chey, because she has helped us to understand American politics, and we are full of admiration furr her running furr President.
4.Daisy, because she is guaranteed to make us laff too, and we can't wait to read her Sunday comics efurry week.
5.Dragonheart and Merlin, because through them we are learning about the Sphynx breed, which we knew nothing about befurr, as well as many other interesting things.
6. 40Paws, because they haf a wunnerful Maw and Paw who haf given all of them the bestest furrefurr home, and gives them the greatest care and love, when many others would haf given up cuz of their various problems.
7. Karl and Ruis, because they kept us entertained wiv their Antarctic cruise, and furr being such a loving couple.
8. Mr.Tigger furr starting up the M-cats club in honour of Caesar.
9. Zoolatry, furr their wunnerful graffiks, and furr doing pikchurs to help the Meezers and Churchill.
10. We can't furrget Auntie Bee. She may not be a kitty but she keeps us entertained telling us all about her croozes, and she visits lots of kitty blogs and sez nice fings to us. Mum likes reading her jokes too.

Also China cat gave us the "You make my Day award" which is presented to bloggers whose blog brings you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.
Fanks China Cat.

And Jimmy Joe gave us the "Caring Cat award"
This award was started by Diamond in Australia.
Fanks Jimmy Joe
Just in case you get withdrawal symptons cuz there's no pikchurs in this post, here's a video clip of me, Eric rolling around on the concrete blocks.

Bad mum laffed at me when I rolled off!!

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I am honored that you have presented me with the excellence award!

I wonder what awards I will get now that I am also Prime Minister of Italy?!
Fank you so much Eric and Flynn! We is so honored!!

Concatulations on your awards! You deserve them all!
You didn't fall ALL the way off, your mum should not have laughed at you.

Concats on all of your awards.
Oh Eric, our Mom was bad too. She laughed as you almost fell!! We are going to give her a good talking to. Thanks for the Award for the M-Cats Club!! (Mr. Tigger) and Congratulations on all of yours!! Mom is going to be gone all weekend, so we probably won't be around much!!
Your FL furiends,
Oooo! Congratulations! I'm furry glad ya won all that stuff.
ConCATulashuns on yur awardies! That's fabyoolus -- you are furry deserving kitties! And we loved the video of Eric rollin around onna konkrete blocks!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.
I can tell you rolling off was totally an accident ;-) Thank your Mum for the video because I really liked it.
*giggle*! What an adorable video! And congratulations on your awards -- they are so well deserved by you two fine fellows!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Dear Eric and Flynn - thank you so much for awarding us with this prestigious award! We are very honored, thank you! And thank you for being such great friends!
Karl and Ruis
I think the last video of you showing "Mommy, how could you laught at me~~" But your mommy gives you a very very sweet pet~!!!!!!!!! You have an excellent mommy for sure~!!! She has a very tender voice as well~!!!!!

Congratulations on your lots of awards~!!! You are so so great~!!!!!!
And Thank you so so much for giving us the award~! This is my great honored~!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

I am gonna watch your rolling video again, Eric~! Just cute!!
Concatulations on yur awards! Furry well desurfed. An Fank U fur passin along de E fur Eggselint award to us. We ist honored.

Maw laffed too win u rolled off Eric. Sorry.

Luf, Us
Congratulations on all your awards! They are very well deserved. :) We are honoured that you chose to pass one along to us - thank you!
I want to live at your place. Your home is awesome.
Concatulations on your awards!
Heehee! You almost fell off! I'll bet those blocks feel nice and warm. Congratulations on your awards. And thank you for thinking of me for the Excellent award, too. You are nice.
hehe what a great video - I have to confess I chuckled when you gracefully lost your footing. or paw-ing. he he x
there is nothing like rubbing yourself all over concrete! especially when it is warm!

Oh boy! You have some cool awards!!

That concrete must scratch your pretty furs. It looks like fun!

~ That Gracie
Congrats on those awards !! :) I bet those blocke are great for scratching your back on,especially in the sunshine ! Yup,bad Mom for laffin,but she did give you a little scritch :)
Purrs mickey
Congratulation on your awards! We is proud of you!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
I HEARD her laughing at you! And that wasn't a REAL fall, it was an adjustment of position-clearly, it was!
Ooooh, congratulations on your beautiful awards!
Concatulations on yoor awards! We heard yoor mom laff at yoo but clearly yoo din't really fall. Dem mom's are furry silly.
Concatulations on your awards!
And yore Mommy is silly to laff at yoo for doing a roll dismount like dat.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
ohh an award for me??? how purrfectly lovely! thank you so much you cuties.

smiles, auntie bee
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