Friday, February 15, 2008



After we have been furr a walk around the fields, mum always lets us go in the barn to see if we can find any mice. I wuz too tired to look, so I lay down on the straw furr a baff. I had to purr at the same time so you can hear me. The video clip is not furry good cuz at the end I found a sunspot, and it nearly hid me in the glare.

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Oh Flynn

You have heavenly purrsss

Great video clip, Flynn. That was a big yawn at the beginning, and a nice sunspot at the end!
What a perfect way to start my day, to hear the purrs you shared with us! And I agree with Deb's bunch, heavenly!
Oooh, Mum's trying to pet you through the computer. What a lovely kitty!
Oh Flynn, how lovely!
you are such a cutie flynn! where is your bruvver???

smiles, auntie bee
I can see you have great time~!
I want to join your joy as well~!!
Who cares about the quality. If you find a good sunspot, that's all that matters!
Oh...I love sunspots! Did you find any mouses?
I heard your purrrs, wow! You purrs as loud as Bubbles here. :-)

It is a great video, Flynn! It just shows that we cats only do what we like to do, and nothing better than a warm sunbeam on your furs
I heard you purr! I think it is very funny how you got right into the sunspot at the end.
Very cool video, Flynn! Your mum has a beautiful voice, just like Yao-lin's mum!
Not like Mosaic Lady at all.
That's a great video of you, Flynn. Your barn looks very interesting, like you could have a lot of fun in there :-D
hehe so cute!!! x
Great purr Flynn...aren't sunspots just about da best place in da world to lie down!
Oh Flynn, you must have been very tired. You have the nicest purr.
Flynn, you purr as loudly as I do! Love the video.
Actually, that sunspot was really cool - I can see why you'd want to sit in it!
We could her yoo purrin! Dat wuz cool. It's a speshul sound we give to one another.
Oh Flynn you looks so relaxed. My sounds are not working on my pooter so I could not hear you purrin.
Good purrs and wonderful sunshine!
Ahhhhh - sun spots make us purr too!
You have great purrs!!!
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