Friday, February 29, 2008


Friday's Farm Boys

We got this great pikchur furrom Zoolatry. Don't you fink we look good in hats? Fanks Ann, Maggy and Zoey, we love it!

We are having connection problems again. This is the furrst time we haf been able to post since Wednesday. We haven't been doing any blog visiting either, but we will visit when we can. Mum is trying to get through to the "wonderful" aol call centre, and we are hoping we don't end up wiv no innernets furr a week like last time.

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Lookin' good, buddies! I wish I had a hay loft. I would roll in the hay all day. Stop by when you get your innernets back--I have an award for you!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Dear Eric and Flynn you look so cute in those hats!! ConCatulations for winning in our 20,000 Post Contest! Mom forgot to leave a comment last night and we saw that you came by today before we could tell you. So Sorry! You were the closest commenter to 20,000 at 20,001. We will get the prize package out to you by the first of the week! Derby won by guessing the day! Thanks for playing.
Your FL Furiends,
You both look great in those hats! True farm kitties. I am so sorry your connection has been giving you fits again. I hope they fix it quicker for you this time! Purrs, and happy weekend.
Another great Zoolatry classic! I love all your posts and seeing where you live!
You two are sooo cool
I do nto know this zoolatry bloggie.
I think I visited them. I will agaoin they are really good.

I hope you have a furry nice week-end
What a great graphic for you two! It's very you!
That is too cute! You boys look like you are in a little hayloft diorama! I hope your innernets get fixed soon.
You two look great in the picture! You look like mancats to be reckoned with, with those great hats on :-D

Tell your Mom I hope she's able to get her internet connection fixed soon. I know that can be very frustrating :-/
We love that picture - you guys look great!
That's a great graphic of you guys! So apropos!
Those hats are just right for you two!
You guys look awesome in those hats. You know, ladies love cowboys. Do you get to meet cool farm animals out there?
Yoo guys look great wif dem hats! Dad made sum dumb comment about a roll in da hay and mom sed shut up and den he walked off laffing...we don't get it.
You two look terrific as farmer boys. Great Picture. Ann does a great job. Also loved your pictures on the ladder and in the haystack. That's probably where Ann got the idea of you farm boys. Mom says Thank you for the information on the horses on your property. She thinks that God took time out to sculputre each and every muscle of their body. She loves to watch them run. I have never been around a horse, I think I would be afraid that they might step on me.

That's grate!!! We luf it! Yur Mum shuld frame dat & hang it on yur walls.

Luf, Us
You guys look so good in those hats!
You two look great in hats.

Your mom must have reached the aol call center. We're glad you aren't offline for a week.

Hugs, JFF
Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Handsome cowcats!
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