Friday, February 22, 2008


Flat out Friday

Just taking some well earned rest and relaxation.

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This is a really flat pose on sleeping!!!!!
I can see you very relax and in good dream~!
Have a wonderful weekend!! Flynn!!
Too much playing with your prizes,huh? Lookin good buddy,heehee
Purrs Mickey
Oh yeah, I hear ya after a night of nip binging, buddy.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
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Now that looks comfy. Too much nip, huh? Enjoy your nap.

Oh, for sure! Rest well!
That looks like a great nap spot. I am guessing that you tired yourself you with your nip and new toys.
You look very relaxed there, Flynn! You have a cute tummy. :)
Ah, perfect relaxation! I like the little curled back toes, too.
You look so relaxed Flynn. I don't think I've ever slept like hat before!
charlotte x
Yep, that's a grate napping posishun which I use freekwently.
Dude, you're making the rest of us ManCats look bad over here. ;)

(Can you ask your Mum what kind of chocolate she likes?)
Heh heh heh. I sleep JUST like that. With my tail sticking out at a right angle just like you. But my tummy spreads out more. You know.
Come and see my spring flower pictures. We have decided that spring is officially here now.
Flynn, you nap about as good as any kitty I have ever seen!
You do look relaxed!
I like to lay like that! Good way to get tummy rub! I am not so floofy, however.
Want to pet the lovely orange boy...
Flynnie, you look very, very comfortable. I like to sleep on my back too. My Mum says I snore when I do this, but she hasn't produced any proof of this fact yet, when she does then I will believe her.
That belly needs to be rubbed :-)
Itz so furry hard to be a Mancat. Takes a LOT ov inurjee.

Luf, Us
Look at your tail! I wonder what you're dreaming about?
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