Sunday, February 03, 2008


Easy on Sunday

There are gales and heavy rain forecast furr the weekend, so this is how we'll be spending our Sunday.

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can flynn breathe under all of you? you guys look nice and cozy. have a nice lazy sunday!

gerald the still saturday goat
well stay warm honeys!

smiles, auntie bee
Cuddle and stay warm and dry. I will be Stouper Bowl partying tomorrow for our big football game.
Hope you didn't squash Flynn! Does look very cosy though. We are also having rain and winds this weekend, so I have to stay in as well, which I dislike immensely.
How comfy & happy you all look - have a great Sunday!
What a great idea. Maybe I'll spend the day like that!
Hmm. I thought I left a comment here, but it seems to have gotten lost. Many thanks for stopping by my blog while I've been in surgery, recovery, and diagnosis. It's encouraging to have such good friends during this difficult time. Purrs!
We're doing the same thing here. Rain... Rain... Rain...
Hahahaha! It looks like Flynn makes a good pillow! Stay safe and warm inside today.
Are you scritchin' his belly in the first pic?

(And MomBean will get your pics up for you!)
The two of you look so cozy and comfy snuggling together. Your weather doesn't sound good - stay safe and cozy!
That is so wonderful you both are so easy and comfy together, very very sweet~~
I guess we'll be watching football at my house later today. Pretty lazy too.

That is so sweet that you two are such close and loving brothers :-) I hope Flynn can breathe though.
we're doing that exact same thing here and we've got wind and rain too. the Lady FINALLY let me go see the Valentine card you made me. you're the sweetest ever - thank you! we've hardly been online much at all recently cause of the Blonde Girl's homeschooling and the Lady's work and the Quiet Girl's appointments and the Allergic Girl's activities. I've gotta chase Riley cause I've got nothing better to do. anyway, I wanted you to know I'm not entering that card the Lady got fur me to give the (formerly) Blonde Girl into the contest cause even though I love her and wanna give her that sweet card, YOU are the one I want for my real Valentine!
Looks good to me!!!! I'll be rights oevfur, if you don't mind me bargin' in fur dinner.
Yeah, that looks good!
Hummm.... MOMBEAN!!!!!!!!!!
I wants ta nap with ya, go lay down.
Oh the coziness of it all! Stay warm and dry!
Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Eric, for a minute there I thought you might have growed an extra body onto your head. I guess Flynn deosn't mind the weight of you on his lungs? Enjoy your rest.
You two look like you are having a nice Sunday. It must be nice to have a friend around, like you 2.
This is how I'm spending my Monday...sleeping up for Mardi Gras tomorrow!
We hope you both stayed warm this past weekend!!
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