Sunday, February 24, 2008


Easy like Sunday Morning.


You are doin'g your siamese twin joined at the hip impression? That's very, very good!
Now THAT's whut Sunday morning is all about!
LOOK at yer mancat biskottie paw stretching owt on the chair! Yer so mancatly my cheeze blinz hubby!!!
Hey, itz stil Satday.

Vishus deer blankie.

Luf, Us
You boys certainly know how to relax! Love the paw print blanket.
Hahaha your butts are touching!!
What are you resting on?
You look very cozy and comfy!
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Have a wonderful Sunday!
Oh, nice double snuggle!
You two are so funny when you snuggle on that furry thing... we can't tell where "you" start and stop! (And P.S. -- we loved your picture on the hay bale that we saw not long ago...)
What could be better on a Sunday than sleeping with your best buddy on the vishus deer furs? Nothing!
The two of you look so cute, curled up next to each other there. :)
Is there room for us??? We wanna nap with you...move over, move over, move over!!! It just looks so cozy!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Dudes, room for one more? That looks sooooo comfy....
you two are adorable! Completely gorgeous!

Thanks for voting for me x
You guys look SO cozy! Whay a great way to spend Sunday!!!!
Sweet breams boys :)
Purrs Mickey
This is very very sweet snuggling~!!!!!!
How lovely~!
Butt to Butt! FAZ
Mmm, that's a good snooze right there. You have very big, mancatly paws, Eric.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Yup, it doesn't get any easier than that!
Enjoy it boys!
Just what I want to do on a Sunday!
Wow, that looks super comfy :)
Ah, our favorite thing to do on a Sunday!
Ahhh, what a life!
Awwww... two cozycomfy mancats! You two look sooooo happy.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Dennis says there s nothing like a snooze with an old pal after breakfast!
Gosh, is that a fur that you guys are sleeping on? Looks cozy.
That is great togetherness!
Awww, you two are such precious, cuddly kitty brothers!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Hey ya two wake up, it's RED CARPET DAY. Too much fun to sleep.
Can I come over and lay in the middle? ;)
Hope neither of yoo have gas. Sadie and I sleep like that sometimes, comfy isn't it...~Speedy
Taking a well deserved rest from mouse hunting I take it?
You two look like you're having good dreams. But I'm worried about Flynn. Flynn, can you breathe like that??
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