Sunday, February 17, 2008


Easy like Sunday morning

This is a small pony stable but there is no-one living in it at the moment. Dad brings over some hay and straw furrom the big barn and puts it here ready furr when the horsies need it. there is a skylight in the roof that lets the sun shine in, so it is a good place to take it easy on Sundays and efurry other day of the week.
Sometimes when we are sitting here we can hear a mousie in the straw so we haf to watch and listen. We can't yooshully get them because the straw is on pallets, and the mousies go unner the pallets where we can't get at them. If we sit very kwiet and patient, sumtimes they come out cuz they don't know we are still there. Then POW!!! we get them. hehe

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Dear Eric and Flynn,

I can see that is a great spot for easy all day.

And I am sure you both are the best mice hunters~! I have seen one of you playing the mouse video, I share all my friends in Taiwan~! And all say you are supercat~!!!! Although it's not big deal to you, but it's really great big deal to we urban city indoor cat~!!! You guys are so manly~!!!!!

Great day to you, and to your beans~!
Oh you boys look so cosy snuggled up there waiting for mousies.

I like the advice on how to take a baff - I will wait for my mum to get a good magazine and try it.

Poppy Q
That looks like a pretty neat spot to snooze..and the occasional mouse is just a bonus!
What a delightful pair you make, waiting quietly in the stable to catch mousies! That would be so much fun. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
I wish I had a barn to play in and wait for mousies. Go gett'em guys.
Get them mousies, guys! And efun if yoo don't, yoo gets good naps in the hays.
What a great spot of your two. You are making my human miss having a large orange cat!
Good fing yer not alergic to hay!
Eric and Flynn, you look very comfy hanging out on the hay. Sounds like a great spot for catching mousies!
Wow, I am so jealous that's like the best bed ever: straw, sunshine and little mousies that come to you instead of you having to go and find them. FAZ
Wow! That looks like fun! We ain't never had the chance to chase any mousies! You must make a video to show us how it is done!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
I think your Dad really puts the hay there just for you two ;)
Hay and a skylight? Boy,you guys have it made!!!!!
Happy mouse hunting!!
Purrs Mickey
What a great place to relax AND mousie hunt! You got it all!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
That does look like a furry comfy place to hang out. It is sunny but cold here today, I expect it is similar in Devon. We had a hard frost this morning, the sunny side of the garden the frost as melted, the shady bit behind the garage is still all frosty! I am staying in where it is warm.
You guys are great! Your adventures always make Mum smile!
You guys do bowt efurrytink togevver dunt u?

Luf, Us
You two look like you hear a mousie now! Catch it!
Wow, real mousies? You guys are really lucky orange kitties. Your haystack looks very relaxing. If you duck down and really low, your white furs will be hidden and you'll blend in with the hay.
you're pretty smart to be so quiet in order to get the mousies.

i bet it smells really good in there, too.

That sure does look like a great spot to spend a lazy day in!
You guys look like you have lots of fun there. Especially if sometimes you can catch real mice and not just toy mice!!
Great sport hunting mice and great fun while nestling together on haystacks.

I still can't get over how small I am compared to you boys.
Eric, You Won! MomBean is getting the post up now, but you an' your Dad won!
It is very sweet how you boys like to hang out together so much!
That looks like a lovely place to hang out. And you guys are very patient to wait for the mousies!
You two do look very attentive while relaxing on your hay! What a terrific place for cats to hang out and wait for mousies!

Purrrrrrs, Willow
Oh my... look at that hay! *Swoon* ~Fiona Bun
That barn looks like a really great place to hang out.
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