Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Wordless Wednesday.

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Wowww....That is a big large birdy~! What a wonderful great dinner~~~~ Are you gonna hunt it down??
You have GOT TO CATCH THAT BIRD!!! ::salivating::
Oh man, that looks delicious! You live in the coolest place!
It took us a while to find you in there!!! Thats an awfully big bird. Did you catch it?
oboy, a birdy! have fun with it honey!

smiles, auntie bee
Uh, uh...what IZ dat eggzactlee? I tinks we better gang up & gets da job done. He iz purty high up, so some strat-uhgeez are deffynatley needed.
Deze birdz are gettin' away wit murder!
Is that a pheasant?
Wow, that's a big birdie! I bet he's lots of fun to watch!!
Oh my, that is a very large Birdie! Are you planning and surround and ambush, or will you simply pounce?
That's a big bird. I wonder what it is doing up there (=
"Wow" what a delicious looking birdie.
So very close... and yet, so far!
I say you got dinner furrr all of us!

Wordless? No. One word: Din-Din!
Ooh now that one would make a couple of good meals! Happy WW
Frankie better watch out, or he's going to be one lovely dinner of feathery goodness!
He looks delicious!
Is he taunting you?
DUDE. Tell me you got him!
The pheasant is not very pleasant!

Actually, he seems nice enough but I wanted to make a silly rhyme.
My friend had a cat and a chicken named "Dinner" that got along great. Unfortunately "Dinner" was enjoyed by the neighborhood animals. and a toy all wrapped up in one. Frankie's fat enuf fur a party. we sure hope ya get him!
Is your fridge large enough to hold that bird? If not, you'll have to have a party when you catch it.

jans funny farm
waiting..waiting...waiting and still waiting... hahhahhahaa!
Real patient!! :-) reminds me of Tweety bird and sylvester!!! hahha
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