Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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Mmmmm! That looks delishus!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Wowww...that is very beautiful birdy~!
It's so nice you could see this beautiful birdy at your living place~!
Luscious! I'll be there soon to help eat!
OK,this I wanna see,hahaha!!
He's mighty big ang kinda pretty. Come to my blog,I want to give ya something.
Purrs Mickey
What a beautiful birdie!
From here that looks quite delicious, but in real life I would probably run and hide! I think it is bigger than me...

Purrrrrrs, Willow
Is that a pheasant? He looks very big and very pretty.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
What a beautiful birdie! Yummy yum! What are you guys waiting for?
We'd like to interdoos yoo to Frankie Fezzunt. He started off by jumping on our purrizun fence and looking at us. Now he comes rite up to the window, and he eats the little birdies food. He follows efurrybuddy when they get their horses and is very furrendly. We would like to git to know him better, but every time we creep, I mean walk up to him, he flies away.
That's one tasty looking bird!
That's a very cool looking bird! :) Can you guys catch him?
Hi Frankie! Nice to meetcha. I never saw a bird like you before. Um, I think you might have gone overboard with the red eye-shadow.
Um, could you hold it still while I just have one lick? I just want to see if the feathers come off if you lick it.
another 12 more months?? heehee..
It's not a Weekend;It's a Lifestyle
Wonderful pic! Happy WW :D
Wow! Was a there a tasty dinner on the farm that day?
That's a beautiful bird. I like the colours (=
is that bird? Nice!!

My Wordless Wednesday in here
Here birdie birdie... that a pheasant? We thought you had to be pretty posh to eat pheasant. It seems a bit of an upmarket meal for two kitties living on a farm - unless you were to invite us over, and then it's be just right! LOL,


Gypsy & Tasha
ohhh no!! you better fly soon! that is one pretty bird..;)
Happy WW! mines here

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oh my goodness . . . look at all those feathers!!!
What a beautiful, big bird. Enough for second helpings, I'm sure! Happy WW
What a Yummy errr...Beautiful Bird :)
Uh guyz???? Could I come oevfur tonight & cook dat ting??? I tink I couold make a really dyno'mite sauce...say, sumpin' wit currants & cardoman? Or, perhaps, justee da bird on a platter!
Hahahaha - we guess both - brave and foolish - let us know how it ended!
Make sure to come to the BIG tea party for Miss Peach's 15th birthday on board the cruise ship in Antarctica tomorrow!!!
Karl and Ruis
mmmmmmm! how many meals do ya think he'd make? we sure hope you'll be able to find out.
What a lovely looking birdie! I have never seen one like that before. But then there is hardly any birdie where I live.
Samaritan is going crazy over this picture. He's a bird dog, you know.

jans funny farm
Ah, lunch!
Oh yes, I'm sure you would like to get to know Frankie Fezzunt better ;-)
Hi Frankie! Yooze a furry purrty byrd. Yooze luk kynna big.

Luf, Us
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