Saturday, January 26, 2008


What are you doing?

Hey Flynn, what are you doing down there?
I'm practicing my laser eyes.
Huh big deal! Anycat can do that.
Oh ok then, we might as well go back to sleep.


You guys look very cool and cute hanging out on your cat tree. Watch out for Goa'uld though - it looks like you have some Goa'uld glowing eyes happening.
Hi E & F, we think "doin' nothin' in purrtickulur" is the ideal way to spend the day.
It's a great day to do nothing, which is exactly what I'm doing!
I like that idea! Maybe I can get BabyBean an' KidBean to do that with me later.
You both hanging there with great reason, because you just want to hanging there~!!!

I love seeing all of your conversation~!
Sometimes it's nice to just hang out and do nothin' in purrtickulur
Good to know your lazer eyes are charged though ;)
Purrs Mickey
Ah what a great cat post! It must be nice and big for both you guys to hang out so comfy looking!
Hahahahahaha - great story! You both have fabulous laser eyes!
Your commentaries always crack me up!
The eyes laser will help us to dominate the world... Muahahahahahahahaha!
Haha! You're right, Eric!
Hey, we want one of those. Buddy says he gets the top perch! (He likes to climb.)

jans funny farm
You guys are so amazing... and seriously... Pumpy could be your brother. And BTW -- did you notice Pumpy's lazer eyes in our MIkado photo?
Today was a good day to kinda lay around and do nothing in particular...
Say goodnight Ollie.

Luf, Us
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