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Seven Weird Things About Us.

We haf been tagged by Jan's Funny Farm and Turkey Cats to do the Seven Weird Things about us meme. We did it a few months ago, so we have tried to put in seven diffrunt fings this time.
Here are the rules:
Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.
Here are our 7 weird things:
1. Flynn: I'm a very good hunter and I catch lots of mousies, moles and weasels. I have brought back real live snakes which gives mum a big fright. I have a speshull place that I have found where I know they live. Mum tries to keep me away furrom them, but I like catching them cuz they coil up like springs and they like playing wiv me.
2.Eric: I'm very ticklish. The Beans only haf to pet me and I start baffing myself. If they give me scritches I start biting myself, and if I git really excited, well then I bite them.
3.Flynn: I Yowl. LOUD. Mum sez there must haf been some Meezer somewhere in my distant past.Sometimes in the middle of the night, usually around 3am when it's nice and quiet,I go out in our safe cage and yowl at the moon. If the window's not open, I git on the cat tree and scrape the window and yowl furrom there. I fink mum likes it cuz she throws fings like slippers furr me to play wiv.
4. Eric:I love noses. I like to git up and give the Beans kisses on their noses, and then I bite their nose. It's best to do it when the Beans haf already gone to bed and are making roaring noises.I don't yooshully bother to kiss them furrst, I go right in with the bitey. That wakes them up.
5. Flynn: Mum sez I purr like a train and when I'm really happy I do tail poofs like Chase. That's when just the furrst few inches of your tail by the base poof up. Eric can't do it.
6. Eric: I've said befurr that I love water, well we bofe do. If it is pouring wiv rain I like to sit in the garden and get my furrs all wet. Then I come in and jump up on the compooter desk to see mum, and I shake my furrs all over her and the monitor. It makes all pretty sparkles on the monitor.
7. Flynn: I like to know what the Beans haf been eating. I git on mum's lap and sniff her mouf. If it smells good I try to push my nose in her mouf furr a better sniff. This always makes her laff but she won't let me git my nose in furr a proper look around.
We tag: Adan, Patches, Catzee, The Furry Kids, Jack, KC and Sunny

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y'all are just so smart and cute!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Oh, you do like to have fun! We're glad to learn more about you. You sound like very interesting guys.

jans funny farm
KC said...
O, Eric, O, Flynn,
so sorry, our emails been broke since yesserday an i's had to help mommie fix it. that teknickle cat fing, you know. i jus forgotted.
i'll get it ready and posted fur tomorrow, Tuesday.
fanks guys,
Purrrs, KC
You guys are cool cats. We love giving nose bumps too!!

The Turkey Cats
Reggie, Riley, Abby and Batman
Great list, you guys. It's always fun to learn new things about you two!
It was interesting to get to know you. We are playing again (third time) but we hopefully will come up with more interesting things!
That is very unique of you to let your fur all wet, Eric~!
You are so impress me~!! No wonder you are a great mancat :>

Thanks for tagging me~!!!!! I will do the meme as soon as I can~!
I bet you two are a lot of fun to live with!
You guys sure are funny. I bet there is a lot more other weird stuff about youze - but I love you both anyway.
You are both very cute. :) Flynn, we are very impressed with your hunting ability. Eric, we are both ticklish too, but only when we are actually tickled, not when we're being pet.
I like singing at 3am too, the only reason MomBean doesn't throw a pillow at me is she need about 324 to be comfy at night.
I try to sniff my Mommie's breath, too. Sometimes if she is being nice she will blow a little in my face so I can sniff better. I think the tail-poof thing is very neat.
Eric! I bite my mommy's nose, too! I don't really do it to anyone else . . . just mommy. I get a romantical look in my eye, so she knows it is coming, and then I go in for the bitey!
I think snakes sound fun to play with too - even more fun than pouncing Riley. Maybe if we had a snake, I'd leave her alone. Rascal does the breath sniffing thing too. He'd eat the food right outta somebody's mouth if they'd let him.
love & purrs,
uhh what are you two doing in there? is that the toilet. around here only the dogs go near the toilet. i wish our cats were as big as you guys are. the cats here are skinny. they eat all the time. maybe you could tell my human what you eat and she can give that to our cats.
gerald the majestic goat
You guys are funny! I love the sniffing the mouth to see what you ate. We will have to try that!
I can't believe that you like going out in the rain! Even Cookie and Jake who love to be outside don't try it if it's raining. You two are funny.
Flynn, Ollie does #7, too! Except she doesn't try to sniff inside our mouths.

Thanks for the tag, I'm working on it ;-)
Zippy goes out and does da scene from singing in da rain...and Speedy poofs his tail...apparently I am the only normal cat in this house~Sadie.
My buddies, you are very interesting! I love water, too! When my mom soaks in the bathtub, I try to get in and lay on her tummy ... but she says I might drown her, so I have to just lean in and let her pour water on my head.

those are some great things to know!
Oh yeah,you gotta sniff the beans mouth.They like to sneak food ya know! I don't go outside so I've never seen a snake. Maybe that's a good thing! Heehee
Purrs Mickey
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