Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My Nip Cigar and Banana

I really love nip and my most faverit fing was my nip carrot, but now I love my nippy banana and cigar too, that those grate poodins at 40 Paws sent. Here's a short clip of me wiv them.

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That catnip banana looks muy good, Flynn. And you got a ginormous package of Temptations, too! Yum!
You've got Christmouse all over again! That nip banana looks fun, but I don't react to nip at all. Pity! Aussie kitties don't in general.
BTW we have too much sun right now. Too hot out there! Come and get some to take back.
Well you just cannot decide what to rub your head on can you? Which one has better nip?
2 Nip toys together??!?
I think you are really very crazy now, hehehe~~
hey i think i might need a nip bananner!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Eric and Flynn, I gave you two something. Come check out my blog today.
I like to rub and lick mine nip ravioli too. Nip toys are fun!

Our nip nanner is flat now we loved it so much.

Great video! :) You were really enjoying that 'nip banana. :) We have a 'nip cigar that is lots of fun, and a 'nip banana that isn't quite as good to play with.
You sure do love your nip toys. hee hee

We nominated you guys for an award. :)

Nip and Temptations! You are one lucky kitty. Great video too!
That nip nana looks wonderful! There is nothing better than a nip toy : )
Nip bananers and nip cigars are the best!
Oh, Flynn, I can tell it is LOVE!
You seem to be enjoying urself with that bananer ~ have fun :)

Love and purrs from the SnowForest family :)
Nothing better than Nip.
Kill the 'nip nanner, Flynn. Good boy!
Looks good. I still don't have a nip banana.....I need to go to the store to get one. You sniffed yours out really good!
2 nip toys wow your a lucky kitty :)
Must.Get.Nip.Banana! ::drool::

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
What great presents! And you got a banana AND a cigar - you must be in kitty heaven!
You look like yur enjoyin yur prezzies! We Ballicai love our catnip bananer!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.
Nip cigars and bananers are the best! I can tell you agree, Flynn.

Thank you and Eric for your birthday wish to my sisterbean. She got more birthday greetings from kitties than from humans and it made her very happy.

Nip forever!
We'z a little nuts fur nip too!
Saw your comments over at Sassy's blog. Agree with you 100%. I made my point that that bus looks a bit fishy (yum, yum). Probably one of these sci-fi time warped thingy that takes you beyond the 4th dimension....

Sassy could do worse than teleporting outta there fast and take Chilly with her.
Flynn, we are so glad that you luf your nip toys so much!

Luf, Us
Wow, those are some great purr-esents. You musta been very good. Happy Friday.
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