Thursday, January 24, 2008


Meme and award.

We got this award furrom Abby. Fanks efurr so much Abby, we preesheeate it.We want to pass it on to Sammy and Miles cuz they always make us laff. Also we wuz tagged by Chance for a meme.

It's nice and simple, all you need to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to the purrson who gave it to you and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about! :)

We wuz arguing over who wuz going to do it, so instead of one of us doing three things, we're going to do two each so that means one is a bonus.

Eric: We got a Zoom Groom furr Chris Mouse. I allus like being brushed, but since mum got it furr us, I can't get enuff of it. She's only got to go near it and I run over wiv my back arched reddy furr her. I love it when dad duz it down the sides of my face, and when he duz my back it's bliss. He goes reely ruff on my back and I get excited and attack him. I don't mean it. I just can't help myself. Here's a video clip of my dad zooming me.

Flynn: I hate it when I'm not wiv my mum and I yowl LOUD furr her. When she's doing the horsies I can hear her the other side of the purrizen fence.There is a half inch gap in the gate where I can watch her. I haf just found that I can get my leg through that little gap and wave to her so she knows I'm there.

Eric: Flynn has allus been a yowler and he walks around the garden making a racket. I yooshully do the tiniest little meows and mum sez furr a big boy I got a little voice.Well I've shown her. If I go in the garden when it's dark I've found my big boy's voice. I'm not as loud as Flynn yet but I'm practicing.

Flynn: I've always been a cuddler and when mum's having her brekkfust I like to git on her lap and then cuddle up by her shoulder. Lately I haf been climbing rite up on her shoulder and she has to try and eat her brekkfust wiv me balanced up there.She sez I'm too heavy to stay up there, but she duzn't like to disturb me.

Well that's it and now I tag :

Maggy and Zoey, Sabrina, and Kellie the Orange Cat

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Not sure we'll have time to follow through with the "meme"... our
3 things would be:
1. Zoolatry Human going crazy with wedding stuff.
2. Zoolatry Human going crazier with wedding stuff.
3. Zoolatry Human has put head back in sand due to wedding stuff.
This craziness may not be "new" but it will only last 10 more days and then she will return to normal. Maybe! Tag us next time around please...
Eric and Flynn- thank you so much for the award! you are such wonderful friends!
I love your video very very much~!!! I can see how much you love the brusher~~ And I know the cheek part must be extra harder to brush!! Yes, yes yes~!!!
I can see you are really enjoying the brushing and that it's doing a great job of getting out your loose furs. Great meme; I like the way you help your Mum at breakfast, heh heh:) xxx
Hmmm... horseez? Da momee here sez she LOVEZ horseez, but of deze BIG tingz wit da BIG butts, I yam not too sure..dey mights haz big POOPS!!!
On another note, I yam glads you got a good brushin' from yer dad. It feelz furry good.
You really do enjoy that Zoom Groom, Eric. It's doing a great job of picking up your loose fur, too. I love the way you help your Mom eat breakfast, Flynn.
Congratulations on your award!
We have different meows too, Can you guess which one of us is the loudest?
That Zoom Groom looks great! I kind of want one, but I am afraid I would have no furs left after using it. My voice sounds like this:
Our mom is jealous of your horses! Eric, you are really enjoying being brushed with the zoom groom! :) Flynn, Merlin likes to climb up on our dad's shoulder when he eats breakfast. Of course, Merlin is a lot tinier than you!
It's okay, I like it rough too.
Oh the zoom groom looks grate...MOMMA we needs to git one of dos....

WOW, yoo weally do lurve to be bwusheded. Tanks fur doin da meme. Dat waz funs.
Eric, your Daddy is an excellent brusher :-D

I can't believe you sit on your Mom's shoulders, Flynn, while she's eating. I know you're not as big as Eric, but you're still a big mancat.

Congratulations on your award :-D
Congratulations on the award! Eric, that zoom groom thing looks GREAT! It looks like your daddy is one great zoom groomer. Flynn, I'm my mommy's boy, too! I always yowl really loudly for her if I can't see her.
HAHAHAAHAHA That video of you is hysetrical! You love that zoom groom don't you?? It is so funny watching you! hehehe x
Wow! Love the zoom groom video!! We got one two weeks ago and mom defloofed Trixie with it! Trixie was not at all happy and is growing her floof back as quickly as she can.

Oh, and we came by to tell you something but now we have no idea at all what it was. :(

Oh, we remember, we don't seem to see any dragonflies outside our windows but Trixie runs very fast for someone with very short legs, and grabs little moths in her mouth while mom shrieks at her and chases her.

You should see her eyes bug out as the moths flutter in her mouth. Mom yells really rude words and when Trixie opens her mouth to answer back the moth drops out and mom scoops it up and carefully puts it back out the door.

Um, they don't look very good at this stage though and are a bit soggy.
Wow, you actually like being groomed! I hate it! I get into a fight with SS every time - it's becoming a daily event. Some days worse thatn others.
C'mon Flynn: it says right here you are a "yowler" and you go round your garden "making a racket" and that Eric is practicing to be just as "loud as you". So dearest friend: having read all this, we felt that making you a "bigmouth buffalo fish" would be just about right!! Get it, got it, good!
Congratulations on your award buddies! That Zoom Groom looks great, Eric. That's interesting that you yell really loudly, Flynn, but your brother doesn't.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Sadie was watching yoor video and yelling "brush, brush, brush" cuz she is such a brush whore!
I think that is the best movie I has ever been to. You two boys should move to hollywood.

I love my zoom groom, but obviously not as much as Eric.
I love my zoom groom too. Mum even rubs it the wrong way along my back to loosen up the furs to get zoomed off. But I don't like my tummy zoomed.
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