Thursday, January 10, 2008


Me and my Nippy Mouse.

We had lots of great stuff furr ChrisMouse, and one of the toys I got wuz this Nippy Mouse. It's great furr bunny kicking.

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oh you are even cuter in videos!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Excellent job showing that mousie who the boss around there is!!!!
Oh you're really good at that!!

Oah, Cute cute, Flynn,

With nip mouse,
you are not a mancat anymore,
but a very adorable baby~!!!!!
Look at you, you are so so cute~!!!

the mouse fall~~~~
I see you are really into that nip mouse!! You have great paw control too,Flynn. You didn't drop the mouse,you were done right? Hahaha!!
Purrs Mickey
That was a terrific video of you with your Nippy Mouse! Isn't bunny kicking fun?

Purrrrrs, China Cat
You have huge paws Flynn. We loved how you held your mouse with your front paws, and gave it what for with your back ones. That looks like lots of fun.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Wow, bunny-kicking such a small toy takes a lot of skill! And also while balancing on your perch. I am very impressed!
Our Trixie likes to bunny kick Pyewacket.

I just leave them to it.

Oh waht fun! You are an excellent bunny kicker!
Great video, Flynn! Nice bunny-kicking! You are really attacking that mouse!
Don't fall off!
Flynn, that is a great movie of you killing the nippy mouse :-D You're a movie star now ;-) I can't wait to show Sunny's Daddy your movie. I know he'll love it, too :-)
oh Flynn you are too cute! and king of the bunny kicking!
Bunny Kicking!!! You must have some really great daggers to hold onto that mouse so well.

Luf, Us
Oh, bunny kicking the mouse! What a great toy, and you look so cute!

Flynn, you are a wonder at the bunnykick!
I love to bunny kick! You so look as if you are enjoying that mouse. Lucky you!

YOU bunny kick with the best of them!

Ha, ha, sure were bunnykicking that mousey! You are a very explosive bunnykicker : )
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Yeah, Nippy mice are great fun!

Drop by when you get a chance and pick up your award.

jans funny farm
Wow, yoor a good bunny kicker. Dat mouse din't stand a chance!
Wow, that's an awesome display of bunny kicking, all on top of a cat tree without losing you bunny (until the end) or falling off!

Thanks for the hint! Now, the nose is so much more accessible than the toeies especially when the sheet is tucked in. What a smart kitty you are! Ever thought of running an advice column for us younger inexperienced kitties?
hehehe, I loved watchin you bunnykick that mousie! You are such a superduper bunnykicker!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Wow, sometimes you had that Nippy Mouse by only a claw! One single claw! You've got great balance, too, Flynn, especially where there's 'nip involved.
That sure does look like a neat toy. Looks like ya were getting the best of it. Ya sure are a sweetie, I am studing the video so I can tell ya apart from Eric. Stop by my place for tomorrow and be sure to bring Eric that is something for him there.
Yoo could call him Kicky Nippy! Hee Hee.
Fabbbbulous fun!!

YOU have been practicing!!
Dude I think it is dead.

You should be in movies.
Hey, guys, We stopped by to congratulate you on your detective skills, as you are runner-up in Sassy's astronaut mystery. Great work.

jans funny farm
Excellent work with the mouse! There's no way mouse is gonna give you any more trouble, until the next time...

Purrs from Gypsy & Tasha
Muhahahahahahaha! Have you seen the new catnip toy that the Magi have brought to me? I attack it equally! Muhahahaha!
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