Thursday, January 31, 2008


Eric's Mouse

When I wuz in the field with mum, I thought I heard sumfing in the grass. It wuz a mouse! I listened keerfully then I pounced. I caught it all on my own. It wuzn't Flynn, it wuz me. And here's a video clip of me wiv my very own mousie.

See Flynn I can catch them furr myself.


Wow, very impressive! Haven't caught a mousie for a while. There are only lizards these days and they are not as much fun.
Good job Eric. You jump really good. Mum knows when I have found a mousie in the house. I jumps like that too.
wow eric! if i get a mouse in my apartment i am calling you to come and get it!!! great work!

smiles, auntie bee
You really had fun with that mousie. You can really jump, too.
You should come over to our house in the warm weather. Our yard is great hunting ground.
What a lucky cat to get your own mouse!!!!
Eric!! You are the man!!!!
You are the manest man cat of all!!!!!
oh, my sugurred covured doonut, that's reely reely attraktive! And purrfekt fur VD!!
Awww Eric you is awesome. I is so glad you caught your own mousie. I love mousie catching, it is so fun to do.
Great job Eric! :) We are very impressed with your hunting ability. It looks like you were having lots of fun with that mousie. We've never seen a real, live mousie.
Way to go Eric! I am very impressed wit your mousie hunting skills. And you can jump good, too. Bravo!
KidBean was SQUEALING with laughter! He kept yelling: 'Go go go!'
Does throwing the mouse around make it more tender? Heehee Great job Eric :)
Purrs Mickey
wow those were very excitin videos Eric...makes me wish I cood find a mousie furr myself...

wow, we didn't know mousies could fly like that. hee hee. Good job Eric.
Great job Eric!! Your video was very entertaining and you looked like you was having lots of fun.
I have to say for such a big boy you jump around like a little frog ! Did you eat that poor mousie ? My cats bring them home (alive) and we have to see how to get them out again !
Eric, you are a mighty hunter. You have great pouncing technique!
Great job, Eric! I am really impressed at how you tossed it high in the air and jumped! You are very athletic.
What an accomplished hunter you are, Eric! Did you bring the mousie in and put it in your mum's lap? I like to do that, but my mum doesn't seem to appreciate my efforts.

WOW! We ain't never catched a mouse before. is real tough!
Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Eric, you are a good mouser! I loved the way you kept throwing that mousie around in the air. That was great to watch!
A kitteh's got to do, what a kitteh's got to do. I'm showing Pan-Kitty your video in hopes she will get it, but so far, nothing.
Bravo, Eric! We never knew you were such a fine athlete.
you are an olympic mouse tosser!! AWSOME
That was pretty impressive. Makes me want to go and play with my toy mousies. Just be careful not to break your toy...
good job eric!! i laughed when i saw how far you threw that mouse! the grass is so green there. we are getting a ton of snow right now!

gerald the pie making goat
Concatulations on our mouse Eric. Blogspot was acting up and wouldn't let me comment before. I still can't see the video, but at least I can comment now.
WHOA - COOL! we had no idea all those acrobatics were involved in mouse catching. very impressive! we've never seen a real live mouse ourselves ::sigh::
furry, furry artistic form--we gives you:

9.5 9.5 9.8 10.0

YAY!!!!! an' concatulations on a job well done!!!!
We're proud of you. Good job.

jans funny farm
Yoo go Eric! We am so proud of yoo. Dat looked like a pretty big mousie. It wuz bigger dan da one me an Angie caught in da house.
Wowie kazowie Eric, yoo kinda reminded us of Zippy when she catches a mousie 'cept yoor mouse looked bigger den da ones she gets.
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