Sunday, January 20, 2008


Easy like Sunday Morning

Our Beans don't have a lie in very often, but when my dad does, I'm there to look after him and give him a snuggle.

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You are so so so sweet~!
I bet your daddy never have any nightmare because you always looking after him!!!

For the answer of bride-bouquet,
we are same here.
Will michico be the next? hehehe~~
yer the bestest mancat evur my glazed downut eric. Its vary importunt to show yer man bean that yoo care fur him by wrapping yer musskulur paws around him.
It looks like you are tucking your daddy in. You are so attentive and caring. Great photos!
That's furry sweet ... An' the sheets go furry well with your furs, too! Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle!
That is so nice of you. I bet he appreciates it. I know when I lie in with the Male he appreciates it when I stay with him.
Sunday morning snuggles are the best!
Aww, you look so sweet cuddling with your dad. :) Cuddling is the best!
You look like a guardian angel-cat, guarding your humans whilst he is sleeping. FAZ
That's very cute - you really look after your Dad very well.


Gypsy & Tasha
Ohhh, that is exactly what I was doing with my humans this morning! We had a long Sunday lie-in together with me in the middle, it was furry cosy.
That looks like a lovely idea! I think I will go and ask Daddy to take a nap with me too! Thanks for the great idea!
This picture is just adorable !!
I love to do that with my Dad too, but your Dad is lucky because there is so much of you to snuggle with!

that second picture is adorably cute you know! I think that you might actually be trying to awaken the human so that he will feed you, but as you have artistic license, I'll accept that it is a snuggle picture. Very very cute! x
My mom says that when I snuggle her like that, it's better than any sleepy medicine could ever be!
That is so cute, Eric! I love how you put your Mancat paw on his face.
Aawwww, what sweet pictures. Are you Daddy's favorite, Eric? Or maybe Daddy is your favorite ;-)
Eric, are you sure you're not trying to snuffnicate your Dad?

Luf, Us
Ohhhh... so cute and sweet... Sunday is a purrrfect day to remain in the bed... prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
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