Sunday, January 06, 2008


Easy Like Sunday Morning.

It's nice to lie on the sofa wiv your dad, but the roaring can keep you awake.
Here's a bit of advice:
When your Bean snores too loud you put your paw on their chin and push. This makes their mouth close and stops the roaring that comes out of it. When you have stopped them snoring, then you can get some sleep. But it's all lies when mum sez I snore like a little piggy. It must be dad again.

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Eric, my mom says thanks - she's going to try that with my DadBean! :)
Too funny, make sure your little paw doen't get sucked into the mouth, that could prove to be dangerous.
eric honey you look almost as big as dad!!!

smiles, auntie bee
MomBean just snorfed tea out her nose...
You look pretty comfy there!
I bet your daddy is the best bed for you!
And great advice!!!!
Tell your mommy that it's not a snore, just different purring at a different freqeuncy
Hahahahahahahahahaha - we laughed so hard, Ruis almost fell overboard!!!
Come on over and see the interior of our fabulous Antarctica cruise ship and meet the crew!
Karl and Ruis
Very good advice, Eric. I see you have your technique perfected. I am sure that you don't snore; either it's Dad again, or you are working on a new way of purring.
Dads make the very best beds, even if they are loud!
Eric, I am sorry but my human is in hysterics over that picture..she says it looks like you belly flopped your dad in a wwf wrestling move.

I fail to see the funny side. Snoring is NOT amusing and I am glad you are reprimanding your human with your paw! x
A good laugh for Sunday morning; and a great go-with-it picture! Get your Dad some of those strange little stickythings that go over the nose. Helpful? We've no idea. Everyone here is peaceful and quiet! P.S. special note to Flynn, from Maggy: I too, put my paw in the door and merely open it. Without doubt Eric & Zoey do not share our I.Q.
You look very cute snuggling with your dad, Eric. :) My mom says that all three of her guys snore, but she must be wrong about Merlin and I.

Now that is the neatest thing I've seen yet!! That is too funny,hahahaha!! It's good to blame Dad.No way you can make that much noise ;)
Purrs Mickey
A cat snoring - no way, it's just not possible. (Gypsy::swats human arm::) Shut up mum and stop laughing! Cats just do not snore, I'm sure it's a scientific fact that's been proven somewhere. Thats a nice technique to use on your dad when he snores - shows that cats are just superior to humans in yet another way.


Gypsy & Tasha
Hahahaha! Good one, Eric!
We all snore here- beans and kitties alike. It's the, uh, emissions we quibble over...
Eric, you are one GINORMOUS lovely boy!
Muhahahahahaha! You have your hunan completely dominated. I congratulate you.

Whoa, Sadie just came running in and said we had better come see dis. Mom is laffing her butt off cuz yesterday she was napping on da couch and she had two kitties sticking der paws on her noze and den her mouf trying to shut her up. Dad sez it's da cold dat makes her sound like a buzz saw...her noze is less stuffy today but she still talks funny. Eric, yoo are one jinormus mancat...
This is brilliant advice. I am definitely going to try that one. FAZ
Maybe he is having trouble breathing period with such a big kittie sitting on his chest.
Our mom is jealous of people who get naps!
Hahaha Eric. You is doing a good job of keeping your daddys trap closed. You boys look all comfy and relaxed there - what a good idea for a Sunday.
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Turkey Cats
Reggie, Riley, Abby and Batman

Eric you really know how to keep your 'pillow' in line.

When I tried to nap on top of mine mombean she told me:
"Off! I can't breath!"
I think that was a little rude, don't you?
Eric, I try to convince my human that my biteys are love bites, but it's difficult to do when she's bleeding profusely and can't unwrap me from her leg! I MEAN for it to be a love bite, but I can't seem to control how hard I bite.

yer soooo full of grate advice, my peach cobblur pie. And yoo nevur made lowd snoory noises when we hung out! -rosie
Humans always try to blame noises and stuff on us.
That's very good advice. I'll have to tell Sunny that so he can stop his Daddy from snoring.

Oh, and I don't believe your Mum at all. There is no way my favorite cat Eric would snore like a little piggy. Nope! Your Mum has to be lying!
How does your dad sleep with you on him like that?

Luf, Us
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