Sunday, January 13, 2008


Come home Annie and Mao

Yippeeeee Mao's back!!!!!
Come on Annie, we want you back indoors too.
Two of our furrends haf gone missing!
Mao where are you? We miss you very much. The FL and Mr.TF and Skeezix, Rocky and Trip are all frantic wondering where you are. If you are shut in somewhere yell yer lungs out so some-one can hear you. Please go back home safely. Annie furrom Krasota cats is missing too, and efurrycat is worried about her. Pleez both of you, GO HOME!!!! You are both missed and making your Beans very sad. We are purring furr you both to be safe.

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We are purring and praying for Mao and Annie to find their way home safely and quickly.
I sure hope our friends find their way safely home, right away!
I sincerely hope our friends could be back right now~~
We are hoping and purrying for both Mao and Annie to come home soon!
This is Horrible news we is purraying for their safe return ~the Fluffy Tribe
We iz purrin too fur deze cats to hear da call & come back home. It makes da momee here furry sad to tink about deze cats bein' missin.'
I am hoping and praying and visualizing them home safe and sound.
Dear Eric & Flynn,
We is prayin' hard for Maobert and Annie, too. They just GOTS to find their way home.

Hope you is havin' a good day,
Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
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