Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Don't chew on the wire!!! Chew on the tree parts!
I spy a kittie in the tree.

You laser eyes are also becoming decoration lights on Christmas tree~!
Sigh. Like I've complained before, we're not even having a little tree this year because of a certain Flynn Twin. Oh well, I guess there's next year and I can see all my friends enjoying theirs this year!

Thank you for the wonderful card--that little cat almost looked like me except for the white parts and the fact that I'm a boy.
I see you !
I see you. Are you going to attack Momma's hand if she reaches down to pet you?
Haha aren't Xmas trees the perfect cat toy? My four feline masters think so. Happy WW and happy Christmas!
Gorgeous picture!
Someones hiding in the tree! :) Great photo, Flynn. :)
The perfect hiding spot!
I seeeeeeeee you! Isn't that fun?!?
You look totally alert Flynn - great piktur!
I can see you..... Ha! Ha!

Anyway, I posted nothing special this week, but I hope you can come and see
it for yourself here.

Have fun!
Hehe ! I also have little cat faces decorating my tree !
Perfect spot, Flynn! I congratulate you.
Good spot yoo din't think mom could find yoo.
hehehehe - we thinks we see a kitty in that tree!!
I spy a sweet kitty!
Flynn you are so cute.
Exactly right, Flynn -- trees are for cats! Actually, EVERYTHING is for cats, right?

Thank you guys for your advice about Fracas' grinding problem. We've had his teeth checked, though, and they're fine, and he's definitely happy about that!

Peek a boo we see you!!
what a cute pic, very handsum!
We see you!
Oh! I want a tree ornament like that! :) What a cute picture!
Hee hee, I can't get in our tree, it is so full of ornaments I wouldn't fit! Also my mum says the first branch I jumped on would collapse.

Everyone admires the card with you and Eric on.

There is a rumour going round that I am going to be thrown in the Evil Cat Carrier and driven to Devon on Saturday...
Hey, which one of you is in the tree?!
I see you in the tree, Flynn. Take Max's advice on what to chew.

I suppoze you will has to gets down from dat tree sometime, so be looks dangy-rous up dere & I needz you to be in good shape fur da BIG partee comin' up. Christ-mass treez haz sharpee needlez & electry-fryin' bulbz. So BE CAREFULL!!!
Uh oh. Are you supposed to be back there, Flynn?
I spy wid mine own liddle eyes, FLYNN!

U luk smaller der. Is dat an old pitchur?

Luf, Us
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