Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Dat iz da BIGGEST GIANT cactus ting I haz evfur seen. Do you guyz feed dat ting sumpin' speshul mebbe? Da momee here iz jello-uz. Dat iz too darn bad, cuz she iz in da D-A-W-G house wit me anywayz!!!

-DR TWeety
We are kindly letting our mum do this post.
Ok thanks Eric and Flynn.
This cactus is at least 40 years old. My mother in law had it from before I knew my husband. It thrives on neglect. It goes outdoors in the summer and has fallen over several times in strong winds and had large chunks broken off(and sometimes chewed, thanks E&F) It only gets watered when I remember which is usually when it has wilted. It usually flowers early, but this year looks as if it will be in full flower for Christmas.
Woweeee, mum loves your catci. Hers isn't that old yet and I keep attacking it so it may never get that old.

Mum agree's about the care, neglect and going outside in the summer. Actually all of her plants have to survive on benign neglect.
That is a gorgeous catcus!
Wowww...... this is really blooming~!!!
that is a christmas catcus!!! it is beautiful too!!

smiles, auntie bee
That's a beauty!!! We have a white one in bloom right now, but not nearly as big!!!

Ninja & Brenda
My mom would never be able to get a plant to bloom, so she wants me to say congratulations!

It's blooming at just the right time, too!
WHoa!! This is something amazing. I will show my Mom this shot and she'll love it. Haha!

Anyway, I have posted something ugly, hope you can come over:

Have fun!
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My mother has such a huge cactus with exact the same color of the flowers... Great!

Have a nice WW!
Tina (Gaining insights)
AArrgh! A triffid!

Actually, we love it. It is VERY pretty and we wish we had it.
WOW! A 40 year old Christmas cactus. That is very amazing and special.
I agree! That IS amazing and special.
Very pretty and very impressive!
Fortunately you translated the text for me ! I have difficulties with the cat language there is not yet a dictionary, lol ! It's amazing how this plant still blooms after so many years and so "good" caring, lol !
FORTY years old?
We are going to get ML one of these for Xmas. It is decided! She had one just this color long ago but we do not know where it went.
She had to leave ALL of her houseplants in CO when we moved and she misses them so much. Some were over 10 years old and HUGE.
That's a beautiful, colourful cactus!
Wow, mom is jellus...we told her dat she can't haf anymore plants! Mom has an ivy dat dad hates, it's been wif mom since she was 16 and it grows so fast dat she keeps cutting it and giving new plants away. Who would think that beans could get attached to PLANTS!
Wow! That cactus is awesome. Granny has one, but it is not nearly so big. Scrappy the Cat used to trim it for her on a regular basis. I knocked it off the counter once, too, to let her know that maybe it need to be re-potted.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Wow! That is gorgeous!
thats a gorgeous plant, very healthy and blooming! :) Happy WW!!
What a beautiful cactus! I've never seen one so big and thriving! The only thing I haven't killed is a jade tree that I can safely ignore regularly.
Thanks for sharing!
I've never seen anything quite like it!

My Wordless Wednesday post is up too! :)
Ohmigoodness! My Momma is so jealous...she says she always kills the christmas cactus...this one is so beautiful.

So that is what one of those looks like! Very tasty looking. Thanks for being kind to the Woman while she was under the weather. I know she appreciated the kindness (and your lovely card!). I still don't get why anyone even likes her though.

That's beautiful! I've never seen one that big and with that many blossoms on it :-0

40 years old?! WOW!
Wow that's an amazing specimen. 40 years old. My Lord! Happy WW
THIS is the most amazing Christmas cactas ever! WOW

It is beautiful!
There is a party going on with that cactus!!
Thank you for sharing it.
Mommies mouth is hanging open
*turns* mommie you can close your mouth now.

happy Day you two
That's a very pretty plant. Do you dig in it? We try to with our plants but Mommy gets mad and shoos us away.
That is so cool! Our Gramma had a plant that she got when our mom was born, but it only made it to 27. hee hee
lovely flowers, I used to have one last year. Thnaks for sharing.

Mine is up at 4 Seasons Of My LifeM. Hope you can visit me too.
WOW - my Mum is very impressed, what a beautiful plant!
That is ginormous! My mom (with a brown thumb) is VERY impressed!
good morning you two cuties! and thanks ever so much for the cute card this morning... i sure got a laugh at how the cat saved the day, of course we all know that is normal, cats are purrfect!!!

smiles, auntie bee
That looks like a 'nonodon'ttouch!'.
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