Saturday, December 15, 2007



Why do you insist on trying to make us look pretty? We are Mancats furr goodness sake. When will you get it in your head that Mancats are hansum, not pretty.

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oh you are very pr... uhm handsum to us!
The red, green and yellows perfectly fit your furs...
purrrs and mancat greetings,
Kashim & Othello
Mancats aren't afraid of fashion. You two still make the girls squeal. ;)
Eric and Flynn, you make Michico crazy crazy laughing~!!!
We really think it will never have any chance to see you 2 wearing anything, but.... there you go, hahahahahahahaha~!!!!
i think you are adorable!

smiles, auntie bee
From one Mancat to another - I TOTALLY agree!
You do look hansum!
Yes, yoo ARE hansum. Efun wif the flowerdy fingy on.
Fanks lots for our card! We maded Mommy put our cards in the livin room where we can see them all. :)
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Oh my goodness! How cute! You two look like you're ready to go to a luau :-D
I think you look HOT! You Big Man Cats could put anything on and look mighty fine.

Wow! I showed dis pic to Delilah & Iris & dey went runnin' around da housee, up & down & up & down & up & down da stairz. Dey tink you iz da bestee lookin' boy catz dey haz evfur seen.
Hey buddies, you got lei'd, hahahaha! (Sorry--that was kinda a dirty joke--mancat humor, you know).
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Humans can be foolish. Just ignore it and it will go away.
Of COURSE you are handsome!

Hey, guess what? I nagged my mum so much she went online and made a Shutterfly photo book of ME! Now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive! Thank you very much for giving her the inspiration.
I think you look ever-so handsome though. Purrs FAZ
I think you both look very handsome with the pretty flowers around your neck.
Oh you look superduper handsum wearin flowurs, don't worry! And Momma got the giggles cuz you both look so cute.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Mom says that mancats can wear flowers also. I hope she doesn't get any ideas for me and Huggy Bears. Yikes!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You are handsome Mancats, but you look great wearing those flowers! Very nice. :)
You look like you're on an island holiday! But I agree, you're too manly for those things. Someone needs the bitey put on 'em. Is that your mom doing that to you? Dear Eric and Flynn's mom or dad,
Please do not make our friends look like girls. They are to manly for flowers. They look the best in their own furs on their vishus deer blanket. That it. That's all they need to look their best. So please do not put anything else on them.
Their friend,
you guys look furry Huh-why-in. bet those things are good for the Big Bitey. didja tear 'em ta shreds? didja?
Midnight looks over at Eric, "I feel for you. Us Mancats should stick together. Maybe we should start a Mancats against Leis Society.".... thinks about it .... "Maybe not. Anything with bylaws makes me break out in hives. At least you got a real lei. Did you shred it with your claws?"

Midnight (and Mary at CactusCatz)
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